Production quantities of non-limited editions?

We all know that VC is not a high volume manufacturer and many of their best are limited editions.  But does anybody have an idea on the quantity of watches produced for the regular productions models?  Are we talking 1,000  (say 100-150 made per for 8-10 years) more, less?  Are there any ballpark figures/estimates? 

I'm curious about this information for all models, but selfishly, the most interested in the one that I own, a RG 31-Day Retrograde, #47245.

I'm hoping Doc's future book will have this type of detailed information.

Best Regards, Dan

considering that VC produces roughly 15,000 watches per annum and
12/03/2007 - 11:42

has 7 model ranges: Patrimony (Contemporaine, Traditionnelle), Malte, Overseas, Historique, Ladies, Cabinotiers, Metiers d'Art (and even though the last two categories represent less than 50 watches a year-that's a rough guess) I would say that there are not that many of each model type .

Its hard to give figures because the brand itself does not disclose any production numbers or breakdown between models.

Your 31 day retrograde 47245 has been discontinued but don't know how many were made....

Re: considering that VC produces roughly 15,000 watches per annum and
12/03/2007 - 13:12

Hi Alex,

Thanks.  Just playing around, and if I use my watch model as an example, I know that the 47245 was for the 245th Anniversary in 2000, which probably gives it a production start date sometime late 1999 (?) and is discontinued (between 2005 - 2007?  just guessing).  This would have given it say 6-8 years of production, if annual production was around 500, that would mean a rough etimate of 3,000 - 4,000 in total.  Even if production of this one model was 1,000 pieces per year, the total would be about 6,000 - 8,000 in total.  I didn't think VC's output of 15,000 per annum was consistently that high over the past decade, so the number of watches produced per each model per year may have also fluctuated over time.

This type of total quantity to me is not that much considering how many years it spans.  I get the feeling that the 47245 is not a particularly popular model, so quantities may be even lower? 

I think this information would be very interesting if it could be obtained for many of the models, but also realize the difficulty in getting the information over so many years and so many models.

Best Regards, Dan

Re: Production quantities of non-limited editions?
12/03/2007 - 20:28

I cannot help a lot, but I know for instance that Toledo (Les Historiques) is roughly produced on a basis of 150 up to 200 pieces per annum. The LE PT model is not included as it is sold out now.

Maybe this could be of some help to you, Dan.

Cheers, Patrice

Thank you Patrice!
12/04/2007 - 03:33

That information is quite useful, as it is a least 1 reliable data point that can be referred to vs. my wild guesses.

Best Regards, Dan