Project watch for my WIfes X-mas present; suggestion ?

Just bought a midsized V458 movement watch on ebay that needs a liitle work.
It will be a gift for my wife this x-mas combined with her birth day present  that is a few days before. She has a Rolex ladies but I want her in a VC. Something with more elegance.
No box or papers so I'm looking for at least a decent VC box or leather carry pouch.

Dont know if these pics will post but this is what I have;

n essance I want to have the dial redone but am thinking in either a creme enamel or porcelain (if possible) or to have the color changed to black. (Any dial restoration companies come to mind especially if enamel or porcelain is used ?)
The watch should carry the classic style of that era but with a bit of modernisation.
Might find a new black suede band for it.
IMO these mid-sized mens watchs can be a perfect gift considering the newer fasion of larger watchs for women.

Or should I keep it as original as possible ?
Or should I just leave it alone and live with the "patina" ?

Suggestions ?
Re: Project watch for my WIfes X-mas present; suggestion ?
08/10/2013 - 00:49
Make that "Wife" not Wlfe. Need to get better spectacles too. ;)
Excuse me for being blunt but
08/10/2013 - 19:27
You shouldn't have gotten your wife a VC from a seller/pre-owner who abused a VC like that, if it's a genuine VC movement. Even a Rolex girl deserves a Kalla or Malte of some sort, if you don't want to get "complicated" ;)
Re: Excuse me for being blunt but
08/11/2013 - 21:44
No problem. For me and us in general we are fairly frugal. These decisions have to make financial sense. IMO a depreciated VC does exactly that. The face of the watch has "patinad" but the movement is fine. Remember it IS a 50 year old watch.
Suggestion: don't mess with it.
08/10/2013 - 21:06
You can never make it original again. Give it to her this (with movement serviced, of course), let her wear it, and then make the decision what to do.
Re: Suggestion: don't mess with it.
08/11/2013 - 23:32
Thanks for your reply. The watch has been serviced by the jeweler that sold it. In a perfect world I'd get a like new or new second replacement dial in black and keep the silvered original as well. I've seen this model in black and its stunning. The more I look at the lug style on this case the more I love the watch.
Re: Project watch for my WIfes X-mas present; suggestion ?
08/13/2013 - 21:44
Update; Watch came in yesterday. I bought it off of the pictures, reputation of the seller, and a bit of wishfull thinking. Oh and the price. Bought may be the wrong term. Outright theft is probably more appropriate. The watch looks awesome. Have no idea why but the pics amplified any imperfections. In fact the imperfections there may just be cleaned off. The dial is actually golden in color not the silver as the pics represent. I'm going to leave it alone other than a cleaning. I would like to find a new black 15mm by 15mm leather strap in a smaller diameter. Also the watch came without a box so am on the prowl for that.
good to hear you are positively surprised :-)
08/14/2013 - 13:56
Re: good to hear you are positively surprised :-)
08/23/2013 - 03:48
Just scored a new Black Leather folding VC box on ebay. Looks like an Overseas box with these uneducated eyes. Unfortunatly (?) I had also purchased one of the VC leather pouchs that seem to be flooding ebay as of late the day before. Cant have too many boxes right ? Got my beady eyes on a new VC band thats not quite exact. It measures 16 x 14 and best I can tell this watch is 15 x 15.  Less than $100 or I might get a Hirsch etc thats exact for about the same. The one thats on it now is Alligator but a little worn and probably too long for a smaller wrist.