Promise from doc !

In less, hopefully,

than 2 weeks I hope to make you all happy,

with two new aqusitionsPromise from doc !Promise from doc !

I promise you that one or two will be as happy as I am.

I wil not sleep good until they arrive,

And it's no ebay projects !


this is not about terror,

but you how it is, my dear friends,

I have bought them,

but will not, and cannot,

show them until I have them in my hands,,,,

Still, see this as what it is,

a mesagge between us,

the Club members,

and I am as intersted  you to get them in my hand !

NOBODY will see them before you,

my dear friends,

thatt's a gentleman's agreement Promise from doc !

Please don't take this as a teaser just,

but I haven't been more lucky since I got my old Märklin model railway,


as everything my father bought ( !),
when I was 10 and that's about some years ago, 
could it have been 20 ... Promise from doc !

On the other hand,

should I be talking of buying seconhand Promise from doc !

Anyhow I had to share with you my dear friends,

and I would have done nothing more than showed pics,

but you know how it is.........

It could be stolen, smashed or anything,

God, I would not think about that,

but that's just what I'm doing Promise from doc !

I know anyhow that you my friends has been in the same position....

waiting for the postman,

when will he come...

Anyhow I can now hear a a sea,

with big waves that are rolling in from north,

on the ground just some snowspots.......

but bitterly cold with wind, - 2°C, but it feels like - 20°C !!

I fear for going out with the both dogs

Promise from doc !

Promise from doc !

and together, before they runs away in the wood and comes back one or two hours later.....

Hope to spend these DARK months at the Riviera next year,

trying to starting writing  The Book,

so don't be afraid senf me all your thoughts,

the email is just there under the old playboy at The Michelinbuilding in Milano Promise from doc !

Some thoughts


I can only imagine that these 2 pieces are exceptional! Can't wait (nt
11/24/2007 - 21:58


As Alex, I am curious to see
11/25/2007 - 03:11


I wish your anticipation will finish soon.
11/26/2007 - 15:12

You sure stimulated our curiosity. By the way this is the Pirelli building not Michelin. :-)