QD simple dateI rose gold dark dial.

I have tried the combination on the QDI site, it looks nice, has someone any "in the flesh" photos of this combination?


I've seen it but don't have photos. In general I like the darker
02/23/2011 - 19:45
saphire dials on the QDI better
Thanks Alex !
02/24/2011 - 12:26
I tried on saturday two Richard Mille RM005, a white gold and a red gold. Trying the white gold I remebered the QDI in Palladium, and I much much prefer the QDI in that case, no question about, the palladium QDI is a marvel ! For the RM in red gold, it was a real stunner, not very discrete but very attractive. I remembered the QDI in rose gold with a white dial and I wasn't so into it even if VC's finish is better, the RM with all her defaults was a shock. The rose gold with dark dial is always a strong combination, that's why I am curious to see an "in the flesh" picture of the QDI RG with transparent dark dial. cheers Francois