The Quai de l'ile, some thoughts

When the Quai de l'ile was introduced in 2008 it was met with both praise and critisism. For me it became a quick favourite thanks to it's amazing dial, case and the numerous customization options.

We have now seen what a Qdl will look like with a solid dial and since VC decided to go this route I hope we get to see the first and future models with both dials as well. That would open up for an even more customized timepiece which is in the DNA of the Qdl line. The only beef I have with the annual calendar is the size of the case, 43mm is way to big for my taste but nevertheless I find it stunning. I hope I'll get a chance to try it on before passing final judgement. What is the purpose of the dot between 6 & 7 though?

The case is more and more becoming one of my favourite cases ever. I love the photos Alex shared with us as they really highlight the different finishes of the case and it's details. I immediately wanted one of your pictures as my desktop wallpaper but had trouble deciding which one I wanted the most. After much dribbling back and forth I ended up with the third picture of the slate dial version as I think it captures so many beautiful details of the watch.

Thank you to Alex for the preview and live pictures and also thanks to MGM for showing what a version with the original dial could look like! The Quai de l'ile, some thoughts

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The new Quai de l'Ile
11/26/2010 - 15:02
I'm with you Martin and the Quai de l'Ile when it was launched was like a big kick in my bottom  It was something so unexpected from VC, it was so modern and out of the box. However I think it was too modern and too alternative for the more traditional VC fans and it was a tough watch to explain and understand. While I was at Salon QP watch show in London about 2 weeks ago many visitors told me that they hadn't liked the QDI when it was intriduced but that the watch was growing on them. I'm OK with the full dial on the annual calendar (like the slate but not the opaline) but it definitely tones down the watch and takes the twist away, the goal was to have a transparent dial but it was technically impossible for the dial maker to make what the designers had designed! As for case size the new annual calendar is 43mm but doesn't look that big (just 1mm over the Overseas!) and it was necessary due to the retrograde hand. The dot was used originally in the transparent dial its to indicate the correct placing of the dial.Quai de l ile annual calendar
Alex, you consistenlty deliver the best looking hairy wrist shots!
11/26/2010 - 21:16
Seriously! The TdI, then the new (nicer looking) Qdi...  And where do you work - in a kindergarden? (what's the deal with all these drawings?...) Martin, I'm 100% with you, power to the people! The more potential permutations VC allows on the QdI, the more popular it will be... I personally much prefer the saphire dial, but for some the watch would look more attractive with a "normal" dial - even if it cannot be done for technical reasons on the retrograde calendar, I wouldn't mind seeing VC offering a "normal" dial for the time only and day-date models. Cheers,  Francois
needs to be seen in the flesh but I fear that the solid dial
11/27/2010 - 09:50
May take away the QDI's personality
'Nuff Said...
11/27/2010 - 18:55
Many thanks to MGM for this version
MGM did a fantastic job!
11/28/2010 - 10:49
Example from 1918
11/30/2010 - 23:30
Perhaps they can be inspired to try again by this vintage pocket watch, the so-called "Double Face" full calendar with moon phases from 1918.  The sub dials can be redesigned to slightly overlap the outer chapter courtesy Antiquorum