Quartz something we should be thankful for!

Few people outside the mechanical watch aficionado world has the slightest idea that the quartz as watch function,
was invented by the Swiss!
Nearly all believes that it's Japanese invention, since it was the Japanese industry,
which first saw the immence potential and also created a new watch map.

Hadn't it been for our friend Mr Hayek, who recently left us, with his ever smiling face and 10 watches on his wrists Quartz something we should be thankful for!
I mean,whatever you think and whatever he has done, you must thank him from your heart in many ways.

Fo these my two Swatches, I was a little critcized, tounge in cheek, of course,

Quartz something we should be thankful for!

Without the quartz the mechanical wrist watch had never come to our times high level!


i like quartz for a practical reason, but with sweeping hands....
01/21/2011 - 03:52

my desk clock i am too lazy to wind up ...

another important reason for quartz
01/21/2011 - 10:12
is that the quartz desk clock at home, especially the radio controlled ones, serve the purpose of of being used to adjust and finetune our mechanical wristwatches
Right on Doc
01/21/2011 - 16:00
They also make a good beater... I purchased that one last May before going on a beach holiday... At $40, it's good value for money.  And it's got one thing that VC doesn't offer on any of its watches - a light (pic 'borrowed from the web - mine doesn't have the ddrawing of the fish...) Cheers,  Francois
I have a Citizen Chronograph...
01/22/2011 - 04:40
...Eco Drive, which is supposed to work by getting its energy from light. Can anyone explain how this works?
Re: I have a Citizen Chronograph...
01/22/2011 - 18:49
Simply put (or as simply as possible!), light gives energy to electrons who then have enough energy to move around in certain materials. Electrons moving around in an orderly manner is an electric current and that's what makes these things work. Now this electric energy can either be used right away or stored for later use. I believe that, in the case of this watch, we will want to store it in a battery so that you can keep functionning at night when there is no light. Hope it helps Tien
Re: I have a Citizen Chronograph...
01/22/2011 - 18:49

KK,  I received a Citizen Eco-Drive perpetual calendar as a Christmas present. Apparently it was NOS and it did not run. It is due back from Citizen service the end of next week. Initially I called my local “watch guy” who sells Citizens and asked him if he could replace the battery. He told me that only a service center could. He explained that basically there are photocells that convert any light source into energy which is then stored in a battery. Apparently Citizen refuses to call it a battery and calls it the “energy cell.’ Lots of info on their web-site. Hope this helps, Ray

Vacheron's Secret Quartz Project
01/25/2011 - 23:39