Question on the 4042 Triple Date Model

I am very grateful to Alex for his comprehensive article .

My uncle got in the 1940s or 1950s a 4042 Triple Date[English words] manual VC  with Roman Numerals , a dark blue arrow and the tear drops connecting to the wrist band are opposite in orientation to the picture shown in the article by Alex , the wide , rounded part  connects to the wristband and the narrow pointed part connects to the watch .

I would appreciate getting an idea on the difference between the 2 models re:  year of model , rarity etc....

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welcome to the Lounge Serge. I think you are referring to the ref 4240
08/30/2007 - 12:29

this ref which is a triple date with or without moonphase exists with different lugs:

"claw lugs"

Tear drop lugs

These watches also came with Roman numerals or Arabics with a blue or red date and blue or red date indicator. Two different movements were used: caliber 485 and 495, the main difference between the two is that the later has a moonphase indication.

Production started in the early 40s and went for less than 10 years. These watches are quite rare (in all dial/lug combinations) even though I don't have specific production numbers. However rarity depends mostly on the case material (in ascending order of rarity):  yellow gold, pink gold, steel, steel / rose gold. I am not aware of any models in WG or platinum.

Hope this helps

Re: welcome to the Lounge Serge. I think you are referring to the ref 4240
03/29/2008 - 00:15

Thank you Alex for your reply , it is in fact a 4240 with pink gold and roman numerals .

I have 2 questions to ask you because of a disaster which happened to it in September 2007 .

1. Do Vacheron-Constantin in Geneva keep records of watches sold as far back as those days as it was purchased in Lausanne or Geneve ?

2. Is it possible to to tell anything from the numbers inside which would indicate the authenticity of the watch and parts ?

Briefly I gave my watch to a repairer to clean up and adjust the winding mechanism and he confronted me 1 week later with an envelope containing $3800-00 telling me I had agreed on a phone conversation with him to sell it to a lady who had already left for Greece  !!!!!! I immediately went to the Police and have won a court case against him despite having had no receipts . Now if he tries to return " Any watch whether a replica or not " how am I to judge and verify parts have not been removed or tampered with .

Basically this is the nightmare scenario .

He gave me some seial numbers with the money but I doubt their authenticity   a] Boitier No. 287445

                                                                                                                   b] 489719 on parts .

calibre 455  and Suisse with an arrow and 143 inside it .

I would appreciate any suggestions .