Question about serial of early Vacheron

Hello, colleagues!

I am collector from Moscow Russia and here we have certain difficulty: according to local laws a private collector cannot send any items prodused more than 50 years ago, so practically I cannot send to VC my pocket wactch for autentication puproses. We here have been discussing my watch on a Russian antique watches forum and basically I see that here our 'joint mind' cannot be quite definite if the watch is Vacheron piece or not. Many think iI placed some pictures before in another thread by the link click here to see the post

My question to all of you:

1) Can an early serial number be punched on the watch-case OR all of them were engaved?

2) Is there any way to evaluate VC watch autenticity by VC factory based on pictures only (like with PP antique watches)? E.g. if I make foto under microscope of all small hand engravings on outer cover?

3) Is there any way to trace in VC archives what type of watch was prodused under this particular serial number?

4) Did you or anybody in VC ever heard of such inscription, enameled with blue "Vacherone a Geneve"

In addition to the pictures I placed before (click here to see the post ) I give 3 more

This is the serial number on the outer cover. It is punched above with the number, and there are the following figures engraved on the edge (poorly visible upside down on this foto) - between my quotes they are: "   N2352=N10230=   3254' 1 "

Question about serial of early Vacheron

This is the serial number on the inner (dust) cover

Question about serial of early Vacheron

I would appreciate any input or advise about autenticity as I do not have any other means - there aren't may early VC pockets in Russia less speaking about impossibility to send my watch outside.

I have some bad news
04/01/2008 - 17:04

After speaking with VC they tell me this watch was not produced by them

Thank you very much, Alex!
04/01/2008 - 20:20

Thanks for this help!