Question about a V&C Mechanism.Authentic or Fake???

Question about a V&C Mechanism.Authentic or Fake???Hi, this is my first post..
Cheers to all of you.

I would like to ask about a V&C mechanism, fake or real?
I am not sure,I suspect it's authentic, so I'd like you opinion and knowledge.

Thank you in advance..

Question about a V&C Mechanism.Authentic or Fake???

Question about a V&C Mechanism.Authentic or Fake???
Very low probability of being real
07/31/2010 - 18:03
This movement bears no discernible characteristics of a V&C movement. Most notably the logo engraving appears to have been added to the bridge, trying to avoid the big screw to the left.  As a result the big screw and the Maltese Cross (which does not appear to conform to the style used by VC) compete with each other  - - a situation that any competetent Swiss watch maker would want to avoid.   An automotive analogy would be  a Mercedes Benz with a wing nut in place of the 3-pointed star on the deck lid.  The sad reality is unless you educate yourself properly about vintage Vacheron & Constantin watches (meaning self-study as opposed to relying glibly on forums to guide you), you will make many costly mistakes. Good luck, Robert
the VC on the movement looks like an afterthought (nt)
07/31/2010 - 22:40
Re: the VC on the movement looks like an afterthought (nt)
08/01/2010 - 00:09
I am confused since there is this photo as well.. An id number barely stands there.. But again there is a highlighted V&C sign..
Another photo, another movement?
08/01/2010 - 16:44

The new photo and new movement: questionable as well. Let's see some scans of the dial(s). Robert

Re: Another photo, another movement?
08/01/2010 - 17:07
thats all the info i have. It is an ebay item and i was wondering if I should make a move The low price is an indicator that it is fake. The reservation price is exactly the opposite.
08/01/2010 - 23:31
Thanks for the link. You can gather from the Hour Lounge website that V&C owners are careful and well informed about the brand. While the watch may seem pretty (to you), it's got no value because it's a hodgepodge of watch parts.  You could not wear that thing near anyone who owns a high end Swiss timepiece. It would be instantly spotted as a reflection of a hasty and slipshod decision, a foolish attempt to keep up, a charade.  Keep looking and learning; the effort can be gratifying.  Robert 
Re: Resolution
08/01/2010 - 23:51
Thanx Robert. I suppose you mean that maybe some parts or the dial are original but not the entire watch. I knew about the case but I was just wondering about the mechanism since I have not seen a fake "vintage" mechanism yet.Most of them have a big part at the top that covers half the mechanism. I just want to keep learning about V&C and finally get one. I already own a Franck Muller (the "Juventus" model) but I am in love with V&C.... Thank you for your help, Thomas
hmm this scan doesn't seem to be frm the same movement the
08/02/2010 - 11:35
metals (colors) aren't the same!