Question about windinw crown

Hi All,

Again in my search for original vintage wristwatches, i have a question about winding crowns.

When the VC logo appears on the winding crowns ?
Is there many types of winding crown logos and when did they appears for the first time ?

I am often surprise to see 1950 watches with winding crown withe maltese crown on it; am i wrong ?

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and the answer can be found
08/05/2010 - 15:23
right here!
Alex, you beat me to it by a couple of minutes :-) (nt)
08/05/2010 - 15:27
I'm lazy, I just posted the link while you put the whole answer :-) nt
08/05/2010 - 15:38
Re: Question about windinw crown
08/05/2010 - 15:25
Hello again Patrice, It is funny that you asked the question today because I was going through some of the posts in the "recommended posts" sections just yesterday and Alex posted on of interest for you. The VC logo only started appearing on original crowns, on a regular basis, in the 1990s.  There were some (such as the 222) that had the logo on the crown as early as 1977. But vintage watches from the 1950s should not have the logo.  I have seen several types of crowns on vintage V&Cs and cannot always tell which ones are original to the watch.  I have been wrong both ways:
  1. Thinking a crown was not original and being told by VC that it was
  2. Thinking a crown was original and being told by VC that it was not
Best Regards, Dan