A Question of Time: A poetic video on mentor, apprentice and life!

As its patron, Vacheron Constantin supports the work of the Instituto Criar. This association, founded in 2004, was born of the observation of Luciano Huck, television host, of the lack of structures offering apprenticeships in broadcasting, a sector that is growing strongly in Brazil.

Each year, this institute offers a one-year course to 150 socially and economically vulnerable young people. The goal is to help these young people obtain employment, attain independence and express their world vision through access to culture in all of its diversity.
The socio-cultural workshops in which these 150 students participate each year offer them a chance to specialize through technical workshops like staging design, production, lighting, interactive video, hairdressing and makeup, publishing, costume design, computer graphics, audio and animation.

In Portuguese, the word "criar" has two meanings: to create and to educate. This is why, in 2012, Vacheron Constantin decided to offer special support for the institute's "Creativity" workshop and to invite a teacher and his or her student to visit its manufacture and share their vision of this unique relationship that is created between a teacher and his apprentice during the teaching process.

A Question of Time: A poetic video on mentor, apprentice and life!
A wonderful initiative...
04/30/2013 - 22:39
It is so good to see enterprise and co-operation working in favour of young people. I enjoyed the video and the warmth of the message it conveyed. Well done, VC! Tony
Great initiative!
05/01/2013 - 12:10
I find that VC is focusing on the right types of campaigns (in my opinion at least) from supporting the arts to this amazing program and others like it. I especially liked the master-apprentice angle. Well done! Best, Walid