Questions: automatic mecahnism

Dear all,

Automatic watches stop when I do not wear them.

1/ How long can it keep on working when I do not wear it?

2/ What force should be used to ensure it does not stop? How long will it keep on working when not worn for a given force? Is there a simple calculation formula?

3/ When the watc stops, I just need to set the time again, wear it & it will work again. Is this "stop & work again" good for the watch mechanism? or is it safer for m to shake it from time to time to ensure it never stops?

Thanks for your help


Hi and Welcome, I will try to answer...
09/18/2008 - 00:21

1- The length of time you watch will keep on working depends on the power reserve and the amount of power left. For example if your watch has a 40h power reserve and the reserve is full it will continue working for another 40 hours once you take the watch off. However if the power reserve is not full then the watch will continue working for the amount of power stored in the mainspring. So you don't have a straight answer here. 2- there is no answer here either as each watch has its own wind time which will also depend on your lifestyle, (if you work behind a computer all day you tend to move your arm around less thus the winding will take longer) 3-Its Ok to let the watch stop, all you need to do is wind the crown a few turns to get the watch started again before strapping it on your wrist.

PS: You have watch winders which can keep your watch running continiously.