Questions on the Overseas Dual Time...

I am really trying to overlook the fact that the overseas dual time uses a Jaeger LeCoultre 899 base movement, even though I know it is a great movement, as i just can't get my head around the fact that think i will be buying a buying a JLC in VC case.

I am fully aware of all the various relationships between JLC as a movement supplier to VC, AP and PP as well as many others and understand them, particularly considering the various ownership structures of the years, and I have done a lot of research on the JLC 899 base and the dual time module and believe it is a great movement..BUT I would so much prefer the overseas to have a VC 2450 base instead or even a unique movement from a dedicated movement supplier like piguet, vaucher, lemania etc. As I have said before in-house is preferable to me when we are talking about a house like VC (but I would prefer that companies like bell&ross used other movements for example), a unique movement made by another movement supplier is second best, but a movement made by a competitor, that they themselves use in ther own watches, is a bit difficult to digest.

I understand that in-house overseas movements may be possible for the overseas chronometer model (by using the VC 2450 for example) in the future and I like the rumors about the VC in-house chrono, but I cannot see how the dual time will ever have an in-house movement without a radical dial change. To my knowledge the JLC dual time module that runs off the JLC 899 base cannot run of anything else (no other watch has this for example) so if the VC 2450 base was to used how would the second time zone be added?

Anyway the point is i have to try and come to terms with the JLC movement in the dual time. I have decide it is the nicest watch in the rage (although do like the chronometer) and would love someone to convince me / prove to me / show me some pictures if possible that VC have ideally modified the JLC movement to a large degree, or finished it to a level in excess of that by JLC in their own models.

I would be so grateful if anyone has some information on this so that i can justify to myself that I am buying a VC watch and not just a VC case.

if this is not possible then i guess will wait for VC to introduce the 2450 into the overseas and but the chronometer version (2nd choice)

Thank you

Mark Keenan

Re: Questions on the Overseas Dual Time...
10/04/2007 - 09:39

Here is link to a good review of the Overseas Chronometer Time/Date,  has photos and narrative of how VC modified the JLC movement.

Personally I think for the Overseas models, VC was wise to go with the JLC movement.  The Overseas watches are suppose to be VC's version of a Sports watch, made for active lifestyles and overseas travel.   So good to use a proven, reliable, robust movement like the JLC 899.  

I will be buying a OS later this week, and one of the thing that actually attracted me to the watch, is that it does have a JLC movement inside.   And the watch is still pure VC.   

Re: Re: Questions on the Overseas Dual Time...
10/04/2007 - 09:41
some thoughts on inhouse versus ebauche
10/04/2007 - 12:11

Hi Mark,

I can see where you are comming from but the question is not "is this a VC case with a JLC movement?" but rather what has VC done to it to make it fit to be used in one of their models.

The movement doesn't come from JLC and all Vacheron has to do is case it up. The movement comes as an unfinished raw kit and Vacheron Constantin not only does the finishing (beveling, champfering, Geneva waves etc..) but also replaces the parts which do not replie to VC stringent standards.

Furthermore as was noted in leopardprey's response sometimes its better to have a tried and tested movement in a "sports" watch than a brand new inhouse caliber.

I don't have compariason pictures to what VC does to the movement but you will find hereunder two scans taken from Eric Edelman's article on the Overseas Chronometer (discontinued in 2004) which used a GP 3100 base movement and you can see what the original movement looks like and what it loks like when VC has finished with it:

As for what the Overseas Dual Time would look like if VC used Cal 2460 no one can tell. As much as movement is important looks are just as important in my opinion and if you really like the OIverseas Dual Time just go for it. Its not as if VC is using an ETA movement or some other entry level ebauche...

Just my 2c