Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic

Dear Friends,

I create this topic for those want to post pictures of their creations, criticisms are welcome!

I think that it is more practical, like that, there will be a post with the ideas, and another with the proposals in image...

So, please only post your creations, and critics ^^

For the moment, I just only work on realist and realisable watch. I don't think that my wishes of a Mercator in 40/42mm with the Pokemon World in enamel or a wandering watch with a Koala motive will be approved by VC LoooooL



These watches are:

- The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Bi-Rétrograde, many Loungers like it, the watch was created in 2007, and was recently awarded Watch of the Year... and The Hour Lounge was founded in 2007: it conveys the impression that this watch could embody our communauty!

- The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine: an simple and elegant watch ...



I was inspired by my own tastes: a black and white variation: trendy, classic, and modern, as far I'm concerned.

For the case/indexes/hands material: I wished a white and brilliant metal: white gold, titanium (grade 5), platinum...

The dial: black of course, but a particular black, the dark grey black iridescent like on the Piaget Altiplano (a marvelous all-manufatured watch!).


For those who don't see what I mean, a photo (took for Forum à Montres by Simplicity):

Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic


Look at the black dial! Compared to the Piaget, the Patek and the Panerai are really flavourless!!



Another thing:

I can't bear the indexes with a circle shape in these two VC, so I definitively erased them HA HA HA HA!!!




After my long blabla in bad English ... the pictures!!






VC Bi Rétro in white gold/titane/platinum; white dial; days in French

Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic






VC Bi Rétro in white gold/titane/platinum; Soleil black dial; days in French

Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic





VC Bi Rétro in white gold/titane/platinum; Soleil black dial; days in French; in a Métiers d'Art-Sputnik case shape

(rhhaaaa these lugs!!- if this watch come real one day, my nights would be haunted by erotics dreams LoooooL )

Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic







VC Patrimony Contemporaine in white gold/titane/platinum; Soleil black dial

Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic







....Now, just waiting for your opinion guys!! :D





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WOW Fred you did it! So let's have one thread with suggestions and one
11/23/2007 - 20:58

thread for those with photoshop capacities as to better understand.

So please all who want to post pictures post them in this thread.

My likes:

- Love the Patrimony Bi-retrograde in the Sputnick case, problem is I don't know if it is feasable but definately worth asking VC. This one is a killer

- Love the Patrimony Bi-Retrograde in white metal and white dial


- not a fan of white metal with black dials (prefer anthracite grey) but that's just a matter of taste

- The Patrimony Contemporaine: I find that the lack of cabochons for the minutes takes a lot away from the dial and would prefer to have them

What I would like to see

- Patrimony Bi retrograde in PG with dark dial eitheir in its original case or the metiers d'art case

- Time only Patrimony in the Metiers d'Arts case

Fantastic work Fred

Re: WOW Fred you did it! So let's have one thread with suggestions and
11/23/2007 - 22:25

Thanks Alex :)

For me the nicest Bi-Retro is the for Cortina one ... but I am not sure that VC will approve a second LE with white metal and grey/anthracite dial

I will make again a Patrimony Contemporaine with the cabochons for Sunday ^^

I worked on a variation of this theme for the Patrimony Traditionnelle...but big big issue, in black&white, it's look like the Jacquet Droz Grande Heure Minute Medium Noire (Hommage Londre 1774).

So I stopped

If you want I try to make a drawing of your imagination, just send me a PM with:

- a link to a HQ picture of the watch (front view)

- the color/texture to apply

- your orders...

In French for French speakers, it would be more easier to understand for me ^^

As always wonderful pics Fred ! Warning !!
11/23/2007 - 21:49

Thanks From me and all of us,

BUT, this is IMPORTANT for you and in some way for the Club.


PROTECT them, put your name,

or Hour Lounge on every picture,

because they are so good, so some bastard will steal them,

and next time we see it,

it's on ebay !!

At the old Purist time we had lot of trouble with this !

Now since we are a private exclusive Club,

with big guys standing outside,

the risk is minimezed.

But suddenly someone see that there are some very nice guys ( hope I'm included)

One day before or sooner some idiot is founding us, I mean we had 9000 visitors last months,

Ok , Ok, you, Alex and I were 7500 of them, but still

this our Club



Thanks for your advice Doc, I will do so for my future pics! ;) (nt)
11/23/2007 - 22:26


Doc...As I look at your pictures I have astronge urge to have a
11/23/2007 - 22:27

nice glass of single malt and browse through some AQ, Christies and Sotheby's watch catalogs....as a matter of fact I think I will get a fire going and do exactly that, great pics


Thanks Fred, pictures are very impressive
11/23/2007 - 22:22


Again Fred great idea and great photoshop talent!!
11/23/2007 - 22:43

I like this idea of having 2 different posts...

I like even more your offer to help Loungers visualise their ideal concepts!

Before loading you with work though, I will try myself

You are really establishing yourself as a photoshop master, I am very impressed again by your work!!

For you Alex....
11/23/2007 - 23:59

... as requested:

VC Patrimony, black "Soleil" dial, with the cabochons:

But, an issue: this watch, is this tone, was already released, but whit a black dial, 75 pieces ...


VC Bi Rétro, in white gold, white dial, with cabochons ... (really sexy I think ^^)

nice! thank you a million :-) (nt)
11/24/2007 - 00:05


The VC Bi-Retro is very very nice, thanks fred925
11/24/2007 - 01:56


Patrimony Bi-Retro with cabochons - sexy as it gets...
11/26/2007 - 11:22

Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
11/24/2007 - 00:15

First of all I find cabochons (like Alex) are necessary, the I really loves the bi-retrograde "soleil" in black and the way the arrow for 31 days is in black, this way you can read easily the hour, because in the normal line the only bad point it's the confusion you can make when you read the hour.

Anyway, for me, this model need to be recased in a max.40mm case because 42,5 it's too big.

Bythe way your job with the mercator case it's wonderful.

just my 2cts.

Best kiko.

Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
11/24/2007 - 00:39


VC Bi Rétro in white gold/titane/platinum; Soleil black dial; days in French; in a Métiers d'Art-Sputnik case shape

is a real beauty !!

An anthracite dial could be great too.

Wow! You are good Fred.
11/24/2007 - 03:58

Can you do (sorry to trouble you ) a Chronometer Royal case with ruthenium dial, Breguet numerals, thin sword hands with center second for all of us to see? (you can refer to my posts  http://www.thehourlounge.com/index.php?module=Thread&action=view&threadid=5749&id=5755) Big thanks!!! 

I second Rei...
11/24/2007 - 05:55

I think a modified Chronometer Royal would be wonderful.

Though I am partial against the Bi-Retro design since I just acquired one

Great work Fred!


I need your help guys...
11/24/2007 - 11:43

... I am looking for a HQ pic of a Breguet in front view with Breguet numerals.

Please send me an Pm with the link or the pic please, the pictures I found are to small, I an't work with

I will be out today, so delivery of the pics for sunday or monday (if I have the Breguet paterns^^)

PM sent. Hope this helps (nt)
11/24/2007 - 14:57


Thanks Kramer...
11/24/2007 - 20:14

...  I will try with the pics ;)

It's really really hard to have an HQ press image of a Patek or a Breguet in front view on the web

Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
11/24/2007 - 19:35

Great work Fred!  Has VC offered you a job yet?  My favorite so far is VC Bi Rétro in white gold/titane/platinum; Soleil black dial; days in French; in a Métiers d'Art-Sputnik case shape.  I agree an anthracite dial wold be nice also.

I too would like to see the Bi Retro in PG, anthracite dial and Sputnik case!

I don't know what you mean by "PG"...
11/24/2007 - 20:16

...could you explain please

PG = Pink Gold (nt)
11/24/2007 - 20:23


LoL, Thanks Alex...I am very idiot ^^ (nt)
11/24/2007 - 20:38


11/24/2007 - 22:56

Pink or Rose Gold.  I think they are the same.

Fred - you're the man of the Hour (Lounge)!!!
11/25/2007 - 17:27

You absolutely are reading my mind and my submission (Patrimony Bi-Retro HL ed.) has just come to life :-))))

The Bi-Retro is awesome. French days of the week, white metal case and white/black dial are just great!!!

Sputnik case is an awesome addition is fantastic but I am afraid it has slim chances to be produced...

I still would like to see the salmon (as Doc suggested) or blue dial on it... You don't get to see too many blue dialed watches nowadays...

Keep up the good work Fred and we will succeed with the contest and eventually work out a deal at VC to make our own watch a reality!

PS. I agree with you 100% that Patrimony Bi-Retro would make a great HL watch!!!  

Here is my creation - Overseas Dual Time on brown croc strap.
11/25/2007 - 18:26

By the, very nice work Fred. I really love the Biretro with the black soleil dial!

A brown croco strap lokks cool on the original OS Dual Time in RG!
11/25/2007 - 21:43

Most of us - Overseas fans - are really waiting for a rubber or leather strap on this line of watches, aren't we...

Any other improvements you would like to see on the watch?

Yeah right, not much too improve on the RG with a chocolate dial...

Nice one!!
11/26/2007 - 15:03
I really like your suggestion - I love the colour combination!!
Re: Here is my creation - Overseas Dual Time on brown croc strap.
11/26/2007 - 15:54

This watch is amazing. My only objection is that in a few months everybody will be able to buy a leather overseas strap so I think that we need something more unique. That's why I proposed the YG Overseas dual time with black face and a sun instead of moon at the day/night indication,  with a leather strap.


Veillotron's first suggestion: MOONPHASE GALORE!!!
11/25/2007 - 23:18

OK Guys, I guess you can call this a “very rough draft”… I unfortunately have neither Photoshop (it is on my Christmas List) of Fred’s talents. (Fred HELP ME!!!)

So I had to spend ages on my stupid PowerPoint to try to come up with something. Hopefully this will help you get the picture… OK, so this watch would be a medium complication. I have tried to design it to keep costs to a minimum – therefore, I have only used existing cases, dials, etc. Although I am a big fan of platinum, I am opting for White Gold (although I could be convince to switch for Rose Gold). The watch also include an annual rather than a perpetual calendar, again to minimise costs. As you’ll see, I’ve taken the case from Sputnik, which many Loungers seem to like. In my opinion, the nicest hours markers are the ones on the Malte Perpetual Calendar Retrograde. I also like the finish on the dial of that model, but I could easily be convinced to change it to something different (for me it is not one of the most important specifications in this case). I wanted to incorporate in the watch the most beautiful moonphase ever done. I like the idea of having the writing in French rather than English, and also the idea of having in the back an inscription about the HL, and to have our Lounger name engraved next to the edition number (I'm stealing the good ideas from my colleagues).

Because it is a watch for the Loungers, in my mind the strap should be a dark chocolate brown (same colour as the bracelet of the Russian edition of  the Malte Perpetual Calendar Retrograde) –the mood should be not too formal, as Loungers we want to relax… and a brown strap would match very well the colour of the cigar we would be enjoying in the Lounge (as pictured by Doc…) Because of my lack of skills/software, the final version below has a black strap, but it should be brown. So this is Version 1 (just to be clear, the days of the month would be indicated around the moonphase, as for the 47212):

VERSION 1 Versions 2 and 3 are pictured in the wrong case (Malte instead of Sputnik), but I did those just to give you a rough idea of what the watch might look like if we change to colour scheme to white dial/ rose gold, or black dial/ rose gold

VERSION 2 and VERSION 3 Finally, and this is an out of the box idea, Version 4 puts the moonphase in the middle of the watch, makes it a lot bigger and sets it as the “main attraction” on the dial. In this version, the days would be indicated by what was the seconds hand in the previous version, and the seconds would be counted in the small sub-dial at 6.


Well, I hope you like it, and I look forward to good and bad feedback!! And I’m not finished, I will come up with some other ideas (my next one has to do with wandering hours), I am just a slow worker… Cheers, Veillotron

very creative!! I really like the idea however I think that the most
11/25/2007 - 23:33

economic solution would be to have a simple calender à la Toledo 1952 rather than perpetual or even annual (which is a complication VC does not have)

Let's make it a Simple Calendar then!
11/26/2007 - 14:52
My mistake - I was under the impression that the Toledo was an annual calendar... Thanks for your positive comments!
great job Veillotron!!!
11/26/2007 - 11:42

I love your work and creativity  I love the idea of an annual calendar... I guess, Alex is right: we should rather stick to the production lines VC has at the moment and thus make the watch feasable at the end of the day. But hey, I love it!!!

There are some point to discuss:

Version 1

I like the purity and simplicity of it - these are the greatest points of this creation. What I am missing though are cabochons and sword hands like in Malte DTR or Jubilee 1755.

Version 3

Great color combo. Just awesome!

Version 4

Really good idea. Really out of the box. And with a simple calendar a'la Toledo.

Keep up the great work, Veillotron!!!    

Thanks Radek...
11/26/2007 - 14:58
...For the detailed feedback. Regarding your comment on the hands, I agree with you that the ones I have made might not be the best ones... I was somewhat limited operating in PowerPoint. So those could be changed for more "romantic" hands - as you wisely suggest, the ones of the Jubilee 1755...
Absolutly wonderful...
11/26/2007 - 18:23

...but the price, wouldn't be wonderful if priduced ^^ LooooL

Chronometer World Time
11/26/2007 - 17:04

I think this type of event is a great chance to create exclusive Lougers’ watches designed by VC lovers. Here’s my creation, inspired by a deck chronometer featuring the world time function. Both chronometry and world timer are related to travel and that’s why I put them together. Hope you enjoy

ooohhh NICE. Thumbs up :-) (nt)
11/26/2007 - 17:14


Nice!!! ....
11/26/2007 - 18:20

Wold Timer, it's THE complication which lakes in the actual VC Collection!

Thanks for this nice image Taku!!

Re: Nice!!! ....
11/27/2007 - 17:39

Thank you Alex and Fred for your response.

I hope someday VC will introduce World Time wristwatches.

For Alex
11/26/2007 - 18:08

...lucky man, two watches for you

As requested:

VC Bi Retro: PG, Balck "Soleil" Dial:

VC Patrimony: WG, Black "Soleil" dial, in Métiers d'Art Sputinik Case:

Fred its time you quit business school and went into watch design :-)
11/26/2007 - 18:18

Alex, would VC Patrimony be feasable in a Sputnik case?
11/27/2007 - 13:23

I mean dial and caliber/mechanism wise?

If so, this would make one hell of a watch...

I hope so. I'l ask once we finalise the project (nt)
11/27/2007 - 14:31


For Veillotron
11/26/2007 - 18:18

Two versions for you my Dear Veillotron, as you ask me in your previous post

The first one: the most expensive VC ever made (more expensive than the Tour de l'Ile), directly inspired form the Teaser Mask:

VC Teaser QP Excellence Platine

Details of the MoonPhase:

...For poor Loungers, a less complicated version of this QP...

VC QP in Sputnik case:

Don't hurt me Alex!! It's no my idea, I don't remember who, but it's another Lounger's idea LooooooL

LOL that a damn gorgeous moonphase :-) (nt)
11/26/2007 - 18:21


one comment. If we were to use the movement in the Toledo 1952
11/26/2007 - 18:40

the dates would be indicated on the periphery of the dial and not on around the moonphase indicator.

good point Alex
11/26/2007 - 21:42

this way we could actually achieve an effect of 'a triple date' watch...

then a second's hand and indicators should be located around the moonphase...

what do you say, Fred? could you make one like that? I think it would be gorgeous...

No problem...
11/26/2007 - 22:51

...I will see what I could do ^^

And thank you all for your encouragements!

I love this watch, the classic
11/27/2007 - 13:55

perpetual with a sweep seconds hand, the sputnik case is perfect gives it a nice contemporary look, nice clean dial. Then if they would put the "Watch Loungers" logo on the back it would be perfect.

Thanks Veilletron

Cheers John! :-) (nt)
11/27/2007 - 21:19
11/27/2007 - 20:14
Fred, I wasn't expecting you to transform my design into a reality!!! I was only joking in my post... Even though I am watching your art from my BlackBerry (I do not have access to a normal computer for a few days), I find the pictures mindblowing - can't wait to see it on a normal screen! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! And thanks also for making the "tearser moonphase" ;-)
For JohnLy
11/26/2007 - 21:02

As request,

VC Chronomètre Royal: Black Enamel Dial "Grand Feux", Breguet Numerals, and dark maroon markers

not a big fan of Chronometre Royal but yours...
11/26/2007 - 22:09

is really cool. Marron markers give it a modern feel and look to it.

I really like your CR creation.

Fred, your Photoshop skills are really something!!!

Fred you are my new hero...the picture came out great
11/26/2007 - 22:32

I don't know how to thank you for all your time and effort, it looks just as I thought it would. May not be for everyone but I love it.  I will bring it with me tomorrow evening and will let you know what Julian thinks of it.

Best Regards


Re: Fred you are my new hero...the picture came out great
11/26/2007 - 22:53

I hope that Julian will be agree to valid your special order for a "reasonable" price

Re: Re: Fred you are my new hero...the picture came out great
11/26/2007 - 23:04

I hope so to, key word is "reasonable"...LOL

11/27/2007 - 20:57
The more I look at this colour combination, the more I really really like it... Thanks John for the inspiration and Fred for doing what Fred does best :-)
For Rei
11/27/2007 - 10:21

...just before to leave home for the university:

Your request:

VC simple time with center second (Patrimony hands), Chronomètre Royal case in WG, rutherium dial, and Breguet applied numerals

I am sorry, but  the rendered is not as beautiful as on black (JohnLy one)...the resolution of Breguet paterns is to low ...

But if you don't zoom on the picture, it's ok ^^ (normaly)

Have a nice day guys!

not bad at all !!!
11/27/2007 - 13:00

how about cabochons? too much?

Re: not bad at all !!!
11/27/2007 - 14:50

Nope Radek :) This watch was requested as like by Rei.

But when I come back at home, I will add the cabochons

In my opinion, with Bregeut numerals...cabochons would be too much!

you may be right about the cabochons but a "chemin de fer" around the
11/27/2007 - 15:04

periphery of the dial may look good

Elegant and clean
11/27/2007 - 13:50

I love the clean look but I would like to see "vacheron constantin" spelled out and eliminate the maltese cross, JMHO.


No problem John! I will do this tonigh (nt)
11/27/2007 - 14:51


11/28/2007 - 03:14

Not bad at all...some improvements can be made but we all get the idea. Well done!

Arts Decoratifs
11/27/2007 - 17:48

Here's another comission, hommage to "Arts Decoratifs" style.

Well, as you may notice, this is not exactly "Arts Decoratifs"

but I like blue hands & blue circular pattern.

Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
11/27/2007 - 17:53

Here's yet another commision, "Art Nouveau" style watch.

I created this watch, so you can compare Art Nouveau with Arts Decoratifs.

11/27/2007 - 17:56

This one amazing! Nice style, nice decoration...I love it!!

Thanks Taku!!

I really like this one a lot, especially the numerals! (nt)
11/27/2007 - 18:16


Amazing numerals indeed!
11/27/2007 - 21:22
Cheers Taku for the pic!
11/28/2007 - 11:01


Incredible desing!!! I love it. Specially the numerals........You're a Master Taku,!

Art Nouveau - surprisingly fresh and original design!
11/28/2007 - 12:44

I also like this one. It is a piece of art. Congrats, Taku  

Thank you for your comments
11/29/2007 - 14:13

Glad to know you enjoyed the watch & have feedbacks on it as well.

For George
11/27/2007 - 17:59

As request

Patrimony (40mm) case in PG, blue dial and blue croco strap, applied PG Breguet numerals, Patrimony hands:

Fred, words are not enough to THANK YOU
11/28/2007 - 08:36

You are amazing. It is really appreciated

For Alex, JohnLy, and Rei
11/28/2007 - 19:06

AS request:

VC Chronomètre Royal case in WG; applied Breguet numerals with a chemin de fer around; without Malte Cross

Fred two thumbs up! You've done it again!!! (nt)
11/28/2007 - 19:10


Re: For Alex, JohnLy, and Rei
12/05/2007 - 05:11

This is the one!  Gorgeous, modern yet classic...just like a VC should be.

For Alex
11/29/2007 - 09:42

It's breakfast time!!!!!

My morning post:

VC Patrimony case in WG, ardoise dial, Breguet numerals, and with cabochons:

But like the koalas, you have the right only to one meal per day, next orders will come as soon as possible ^^

Take your time Fred, you're doing a fantastic job!!! nt
11/29/2007 - 09:48


For Radek
12/01/2007 - 19:18

Please excuse me for not have respect the deadlines I told you, I was very busy thiese last days

The watch you request:

VC Malte Dual Time in PG, chocolate dial, Sun and Moon (instead of "NIGHT"), and no more "Automatic" inscription in the power reserve dial

Please note that I did not succeed in reproducing the guillochage

It looks gorgeous!
12/01/2007 - 19:36

Fred - a very nice piece, isn't it? Great job as always. I am missing the minute pointers in the dial but I know you're very short on time. Please don't forget the Hour Lounge CHRONOGRAPHE. This should be a hit!!!

chapeau l'artiste! (nt)
12/01/2007 - 19:38


For Radek
12/02/2007 - 14:39

VC Chrono Malte, WG, rutherium dial (I tried with salmon subdial... Doc will kill me if I denature the Malte Chrono spirit)

I love it, Fred!
12/02/2007 - 22:44

Now that we're nearing the end of the contest we have more choice and that is what it's all about!!! 

For Alex
12/02/2007 - 16:26

VC Bi Rétro, ardoise dial, in a PG Sputnik case ... and with yours favorites cabochons LoooL:

VC Bi Rétro, ardoise dial, in a PG Patrimony case ... and with yours favorites cabochons LoooL:

looks like we have a winner here! amazing work Fred:-) (nt)
12/02/2007 - 18:31


Bi-Retro in Sputnik case - awesome...
12/02/2007 - 22:48

How big is Sputnik case anyway?

40mm (nt)
12/02/2007 - 23:02


at 40 mm I'm with you it's a winner!!!
12/03/2007 - 13:36

oops my mistake, its 39mm (nt)
12/03/2007 - 13:37


at 39 mm I'm with you anyway, I just hope the movement will fit in...
12/03/2007 - 15:55

the movement is 20-22mm (nt)
12/03/2007 - 17:41


just imagine the watch with a chocolate dial...
12/04/2007 - 13:06

Very, very good job Fred...
12/02/2007 - 22:37

My deepest appreciation to your skills and recognition to your VC taste as well!

12/03/2007 - 13:23

incredible job, Fred!!!

Love it, specially the way the hands for day-date are more subtle and hidden to avoid mistakes reading the hour.

Both cases are for me OK!

Love also the chronographe with white subdials and ruthenium, will love to see it in RG, waouhhhh!

You're a killer.

Best, Kiko.

Contemporaine small seconds in PG w/ black dial
12/03/2007 - 18:03

Okay, first one to laugh gets his eyes gouged!

Anyway, obviously I have no imagination or originality and much less any photoshop talent, but here is a simple rip off of existing designs that might be easy to realize.

The movement used could be the 1017 just like in the employees anniversary watch.  The back can have an engraving like: 

Vacheron & Constantin

=The Hour Lounge=

  February 29, 2007 (the date of establishment of our forum or Alex' birthday, or whatever).

...well, actually the origninal boutique edition probably looks nicer

(photo borrowed from Alex)

For Fred925 (nobody make my Photoshops :'( LoL )
12/03/2007 - 20:34

Another suggestions

VC Patrimony Traditionnelle, Black&Anthracite dial

VC Bi Rétro, ardoise dial, WG

VC Bi Rétro, ardoise dial, WG, in the Sputnik case

fred you're an Ace! They're all killers! (nt)
12/03/2007 - 21:42


Veillotron's 2nd suggestion: Sputnik Dial Galore!
12/03/2007 - 21:51

OK Guys, this is my second suggestion... Fred, I am not sure if it will be easy to replicate or not One of the elements I like the most about the Sputnik and Masques watches is the fusion (word borrowed from Mr. Biver) of traditional and modern/futuristic elements. All these watches use a semi-transparent dial, which allow us to see a little bit the front of the movement.

I like the blue dial of the Sputnik so much (and it goes so well with WG or SS!) that I think we should use it on another VC piece. This is not the most original idea, but it has the merit of being very simple to integrate into existing models, and hopefully would not cost too much.   I propose we apply this blue dial on the following watches (all of which could be in Stainless Steel, to reduce costs): 1) Overseas Dual Time The dial would make this watch even sportier, and a little bit more eye-catching

2) Malte Tonneau Dual Time I think including the dial of the Sputnik would give to the Malte Tonneau Dual Time the same kind of fusion feel as Les Masques...

Having said all of this, blue is my favorite color, which is why I went with it. But if someone else wants to propose other color combination (for example, a RG case with a brownish semi-transparent dial), I would be happy with that also...

I do not have any photoshop skills, but I just wanted to make sure that Fred would see my post

Fred, another request (if possible) - could you show my first suggestion as a Triple date watch?


For Veillotron
12/03/2007 - 22:36

Your Poker Player's Watch as requested

geez, that was quick!
12/04/2007 - 01:50

Fred, you're faster than McDo!

Thank you Sir, I appreciate the picture...

And I must admit, I would use it to play poker

Thank's Fred for pimpin' my watch :-) (nt)
12/04/2007 - 11:04


Patorimony Traditional
12/04/2007 - 16:19

Dear All.

My first contribution

It is Patorimony Traditional that  deletes a date and a small second . What does you think of this? 


12/04/2007 - 17:23

Welcome at the Lounge. It is a great place to be.


Re: Welcome
12/05/2007 - 06:10

Thank you for GEORGE.

Best regards.


For Veillotron
12/04/2007 - 16:43

Your first request: a triple date with platinum moonphase, WG, in Sputink case:

And...JUST FOR YOU , the watch for your next stripoker party

that is a very cool design, Veillotron and Fred...
12/04/2007 - 17:38
Sputnik case rules!!!
Merci beaucoup Fred!
12/04/2007 - 22:41

I really like the first one - I will not ask you to change the colors, because you have done too much already, but I would see this watch as a really good option in RG with black face and brown strap... And hopefully not too expensive if based off the Toledo movement (Alex, can you concur?).

And the very nice thing about the RG model is that it would be the first time EVER that VC would come out with a sculpted RG moonphase (the 47112 was only WG and PT...) Yeah!!

As for the second one, yeah it is a bit more "out there" and "pimpin' " (according to our dear Alex), but it is not that bad...

C'mon, guys, everybody loved it on the Sputnik model... The hands and markers and all that good stuff would still be SS or WG (and not blue!), and we could have a little glimpse of the movement, which would be very nice...

So, is there anyboby with me on this one? No? Then fine, I shall "ryde alon'..."

regarding the triple date yes if we base it on the Toledo movement
12/04/2007 - 22:47

we're fine however on the "blue" scrystal watches if we start cutting away the dial to see tthe movement it would start getting expensive.

Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
12/05/2007 - 02:09

Great job Fred

I am not as sophisticated or artistic as you are...but I thought I might give the VC 222 a shot of a total reahual á la 2007...what do you think?

Re: Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
12/05/2007 - 05:17

Wow, very impressive look!  A gold dial might just set it off even more...

VC 222 á la 2007
12/05/2007 - 15:42

hmm..I assume you meant the crown...anyway here is another try:

Re: Radek's Contest - The Pictures and Critics Topic
12/05/2007 - 04:07

And maybe something for our pocket watch lovers...yet another poor atempt I suppose...

Patrimony Traditionnelle 38mm Annual calendar
12/05/2007 - 06:02

I always thought it to want a wrist watch with the function of the annual calendar in VC. A design and the calendar indication layout that there is not in PP. The hint was hidden in an inheritance of the history to continue more than 250 years. And I discovered a hint about the watch at last in March, 2005!

Photographs are pocket watch, but please try to imagine wrist watch The model becoming the basis thinks that Patrimony Traditionnelle 38mm is good, but how is it?  Do all of you like Breguet number and an index of Roman numeral which? 

Case: K18PG and K18 WG Movement: Self-winding watch (the basis, Cal2450)) Dial: Print Roman index (12,3,6,9,) Dial Color Silver no shine.

P.S: Masters of Photoshop are glad when I have I pass and make this photograph according to my image.

My best regards.


Service Rooooooom ===> Breakfast
12/05/2007 - 07:30

VC Malte Chrono, PG, Black Dial:

VC Overseas Chrono, white metla, black subdials:

VC Toledo, PG, Chocolate Dial:

For Doc
12/05/2007 - 09:37

Patrimony, PG, with Vacheron & Constantin:

OS with leather strap, influensed by JohnLy's purchase
12/07/2007 - 17:01

Alex, I hope I put it in right place...