Rate lost - Patrimony Traditionnelle Chronograph

Hi Alex

I am new in this  forum. Alex congratulations on your new purchase- great watch! I am interesting getting the patrimony tradionelle chronograph. I would like to know how much on average the rate lost per day. please tell me more about the movement. If you could please advise

I'm a great fan of the Patrimony Tradi Chrono, in as much as I
09/16/2010 - 19:03
have been wearing one for over a year! VC uses caliber 1141 which it first introduced in 1992 in the Chronographe Historique, then in 2000 in the Malte in the chronograph and perpetual calendar chrono models. It is housed in the Pat Tradi Chrono model since 2008. Cal 1141 is based on the Lamani CH 27 which was created in 1942 and even used in the vers first Omega Speedmaster Moon watches. Considered one of the best manual wind chronograph calibers it has been used in the past 20 years by only top high horology brands: VC, Patek and Breguet. I have not rate tested mine but VC tell me that the tolerances are -2s / +12s a day.
My Malte chrono is always 1-2 minutes fast after a few days.
09/17/2010 - 07:59
That's about all I notice. Don't care though, better fast than slow...and who needs to look at the time anyway? Gorgeous watch, Alex! I love the two tone version...too expensive now though.
I have never checked on rate loss on my Malte Chrono EP. It is just...
09/17/2010 - 09:02
too lovely to look at, especially the platinum sand-blasted dial, and not worth disappointment, if any ;-)