Re: SIHH contest: Sneak peek 1

Hi Alex,

 Glad to see you found a nice place !

 My guess is that the text is written in a spiral.  This would explain why the text is upside down related to the VC, Geneve text.

  So, it would mean it has to do with something that spirals, or twirls...  Like a tourbillons.  A Rotating tourbillon, maybe.

 As for the "metier d'art", as I guess it's not peripatéticienne, it might be hand engraving.

 Best regards,

Hi JJ. Good to see you here and thank you for your participation. The
04/05/2007 - 12:20

guesses for sneak peek 1 ar closed but you can be the first to participate in sneak peek 2 :-)