Real or fake Cacheron Constantin watch

My name is Andrew and recently,my brother bought me a watch from Switzerland ,Vacheron Constantin Malte Grande Classique model 81000/000j-8975 and searching on the internet I've come  across some nice prices for this watch( at least the prices are preaty big in my country).I'm attending school and every day I wear the watch at my wrist watching out for possible people who would like to steal it.And I'd like to know if it's authentic or is it just a fake? so I know how much attention I should give it.
Here are some photos of the watch(excuse the low quality pictures):
Real or fake Cacheron Constantin watchReal or fake Cacheron Constantin watchReal or fake Cacheron Constantin watch

Please help me with some of you're answers.I am sure someone who is a specialist or maybe more than one specialist who could help me.i'd realy apreciate it.Waiting for any answers.
Best Regards,
Re: Real or fake Cacheron Constantin watch
10/02/2008 - 02:36
Hello Andrew, Judging from the photos, I would have to say that the watch is a fake.   That model does not have a two-tone case (yours seems to have a pink gold and white metal combination at back) and the design of the rotor does not fit.   A google search or a search through this forum should give you more photos for reference. Cheers.
Re: Re: Real or fake Cacheron Constantin watch
10/02/2008 - 10:44
Hello kazumi, Thank you for your answer...I was kind of expecting this because I've seen photos of the real watch and I and the front of the watch didn't match mine  but I never found photos from the back of the watch.Never mind.I have been to the jewlers store to verify if it's realy got gold in it or if it doesn't.There I was told that the watch has pure 18K yellow gold in it but that the watch in fact was a fake or posibly a replica of the real thing and indeed it's preaty heavy,like you said a "2 tone case".So it's not that bad after's not a genuine Constantin Vacheron watch but it still may be valuable as a golden jewel like any other one.Anyway,thank you very much for helping me with my problem . Best Regards, Andrew
Hi Andrew, two tone case doesn't mean it's heavy...
10/02/2008 - 11:16
it is a two color case... Anyway, whether a fake or a replica (which in my opinion is the same thing) don't boast this "jewel" to anyone. Why don't you get a real thing (even a pre-owned VC) and find out how big a difference it makes! 
Re: Hi Andrew, two tone case doesn't mean it's heavy...
10/02/2008 - 13:21

Oh sorry for the miss-understanding and be sure I won't boast about the watch to anyone.There is no pride in a fake watch.I will surely try to find a Genuine Vacheron Constantin watch even if it's pre-owned.Thank you for your suggestions and sorry again for the missunderstanding.

if you don't mind what is considered small for today's tastes ie
10/02/2008 - 14:18
35-36mm there are some excellent vintage time only VCs which can be had at rather "affordable" prices.
Fake! Everything doesn't look right.
10/02/2008 - 06:28
The rotor, the mov' as fas as you can
The fastest is to ask to the "brother"
10/02/2008 - 11:12
who bought the watch from Switzerland... Welcome anyway