Reason why the Patrimony Automatic and Day/Date are not on VC website

In a very interesting thread started by a criticism of the lack of updated models (in particular the Patrimony Contemporaine Automatic and Day/Date Bi Retro) on the Vacheron Cosntantin web site (click link for the whole thread)

The reason why these two models do not currently appear on the web site is because they were launched on certain markets first (end of 2006 for Automatic early 2007 for the Day/Date)  but will be available globally in May /June and the website shall be updated accordingly.

Thanks for the explanation...
05/14/2007 - 17:38

Thanks for the swift explanation Alex.  I guess there is a valid point there. 

However, wouldn't it be better to update the website as soon as the watches are introduced so that the customers worldwide are able to familiarize themselves with the new products, and get accurate, first hand info (instead of speculation) in advance.  That way, everyone (even those who don't frequent the watch fora) have an idea of what's coming - and maybe even place an order or two.  A not on the availability could be added if necessary.

Just my two cents.


Not a bad suggestion but I guess VC don't want to frustrate people
05/14/2007 - 20:37

by putting watches on line which are not yet available. That's just a wild guess

Yes, I guess there are always two sides to a coin [nt]
05/15/2007 - 03:03