A recommendation for people interested in checking the authenticity of a watch on THL


After many years of seeing people ask this type question, I have a suggestion for those earnestly looking to find out if their watch is authentic and/or would like to find out more information about a watch they have in hand.

A. Please read through Shady Joe's post: "Shady Joe's guide to spotting a fake Vacheron Constantin", (it is also listed in the Recommended Section).

B. Provide clear, pictures of:

  1. The dial
  2. The case back
  3. The inside of the case back
  4. The movement
  5. Any other specific, relevant, areas if your question pertains to a very specific issue.

    (Recognize that in order to take some of these pictures, you may need a watchmaker's assistance to remove the case back)

C. Please provide BOTH the case and movement serial numbers.  For VC watches, these numbers will be different.

D. Please state what specific question you may have about the watch.

E. If checking for authenticity, it would be great if you could describe why you think it might not be genuine to begin with (otherwise why would you even ask the question?).  Often, your answer will be found in Item A. listed above.

I hope you understand, these suggested steps and my intent are not meant to be a burden.  But for serious inquiries, the more information you can provide when you initially ask...the faster, easier and perhaps even more comments and feedback you will receive.smiley

Two last points:

  • When a watch is an obvious fake...Loungers do not usually go into the details about why its fake.  This is to try and prevent counterfeiters from improving their products with knowledge gained from us.  (This has been attempted in the past on both English and Chinese versions of THL, it is not a theoretical scenario.)


  • Although we try to help with these questions to the best of our collective knowledge...the only way to be 100.000% sure a watch is completely authentic (including dial, hands, crown, etc.) is to send it back to VC headquarters in Geneva.
An alternative...
04/14/2016 - 19:50

1. Ask Alex

2. Ask Dean

3. Ask Dan