Ref 31160?

Hi there,

I am a long time lurker but infrequent poster (on this and other forums).  I love Vacheron watches.  I have a couple, and for quite a while have been trying to source an appropriate one for my wife.

I've come across Ref #31160.  I'd be curious to learn more about it, specifically the version with the roman numerals printed on the dial that is 33mm in diameter. I don't see a lot written or posted about it, but I find it to be simple, understated and yet elegant dress watch, a quintessential Vacheron.  Can anyone provide info about when was it produced, in what numbers, what was it replaced by (i.e., does it have a current predecessor?), information about the movement, reliability and durability of the movement, personal experiences, etc.  Catalogue pictures, in-the-flesh pictures and wristshots would be helpful as well.  I just don't see a lot about it, and want to inform myself before potentially making a purchase.

Thanks in advance!

Ref 31160 refers to the case design
11/15/2013 - 10:52
These ultra-thin cases housed the cal. 1132 movement I believe. These are elegant, slim, dress watches with 2 hands.  They came with various dials, with changes in numerals/hour markers, etc. There are similar models that use cal 1003, which is more well known. Current watches would be bigger, but you can see the DNA of your watch in all of the ultra-thin VCs. Best Regards, Dan