Ref 6782

Dear all,

After a very long search I finally found the elusive ref 6782 ! I have been looking around for a long time indeed but never saw one up for sale. That was untill recently, when I got a tip from a friend (thanks Philipp !). Although it is not fully orginal (crown) and the case is not mint, I did not hesitate at all to buy it, especially at the bargain price (realy !!) I could buy it. Inside this rolex turn-o-grah like VC is the cal 1072/1 with roller bearing (4 rubies) rotor and giromax balance. I am very happy indeed !

Now I only need to find that original crown (not even sure the crown on it is a VC one) but I am afraid finding one is as hard as finding a buckle these vintage pieces came with. Any info is much appreciated though. Movement wise I would like to get it serviced. Is it best to send it to VC ?

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Ref 6782

Pure beauty!! Do you know how rare ref 6782 is?!!! I have heard from
11/10/2007 - 16:37

"those in the know" (nobody from VC) that this reference was made in approximately 100 pieces!!

Its a lovely watch and on top of all the features you mentioned the movement also has the Geneva Seal.

I would love to see more scans of your watch.

I don't know what the original crown looked like since VC started using crowns with the Maltese Cross only in the late 80s-early 90s. For servicing unless you know a good watchmaker you trust and who has eperience in vitage watches I would send it to VC.

Here's a scan of a version of the 6782 which is rarely seen ...with tear drop lugs!!

Thank you, Alex
11/10/2007 - 16:45

Only 100 pieces ?! I did not know that it was that rare. I will make additional pictures and post them soon. I noticed that the variant you showed (also a great piece with the typical teardrop lugs) has a crown similar to mine....

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If I remember well,
11/10/2007 - 17:26

2 of this reference were sold at theQuarter Millenium of VC by Antiquorum, on April 2005.

After checking, there were lots N° 29 and 30, and you can see then other crowns which, I think, should be original.

These watches went through VC experts to valid and write certificates of authenticity.

I think you can go ahead to VC for more investigation


MArk, congratulations on find such a rare piece!!!
11/11/2007 - 14:29

...and I much prefer your version to the one with teardrop lugs shown by Alex

Hopefully you can find the correct crown and your quest will be complete!!