Reflections on the Overseas

Hello Fellow Loungers!

Just thought I would share with you my new found appreciation of the Overseas Dual Time dial - not looking directly at the beautifully guilloched face and the craftsmanship of its hands and markers itself, but by shining a light source onto it in a darkened room and projecting the resulting image onto a ceiling or wall....what an amazing experience!

It is like being in a planetarium...the face is projected very well like a "sun" in the centre (with power reserve indicator, hands and other fine gold markers very clearly defined), while the highly polished surfaces of the dial, bezel and strap serve to make other tiny  "stars" and "planets" - creating your very own little kaleidescopic Vacheron Constantin universe!

Sorry if this all sounds a little childish, but certainly makes me delight in my watch even more!

that sounds like quite an experience! Glad you are enjpying your
12/28/2007 - 15:34

watch and may it time only happy moments

you put a whole new meaning on the word "reflection" :-) NT
12/28/2007 - 18:38