Release of The Patrimony Traditionnelle?

Alex, do you have the date of release for The Patrimony Traditionnelle? Will it be this sumer, fall or winter and will VC release it in some special market first or will it be a worldwide-release?

I think this one can be it - My first Vacheron Constantin. It size is perfect and think it looks very modern for being a classic design (if you guys understand what I mean). With the first generation of cal: 2455 ticking inside it will be awesome. I have to se it in flesh first offcourse before I make my choise. Its up in the ring against the Breguet Marine SS, JLC Reverso WG Duo, Blancpain Leman Flyback Chrono...but I will probably change my mind of those a couple of more times hehe (to many nice watches out there).

I like the idea of "a gentlemans watch" and im not much of a collecting type of guy. Thats why I want the style of a watch to work with everything. As the typical dress-watch it is it will be perfect for business etc. but do you think it will work in more casual situations as well (even jeans with some polo)? Im thinking of the WG cuz I like white metals the most (for me it looks "younger" than YG/RG Release of The Patrimony Traditionnelle?). Maybe the black gator strap looks more formal then brown straps...dunno. I will probably keep my Panerai as a beater but I dont want to switch watch from work to free-time everyday.

Hmm funny when I think of it..., My experience of peoples taste is that most of the people dont have problems with a guy that wears a sport Rolex to a suit but when it comes to more dressy watches and casuel clothing it dont work the other way around, at least not for younger people.

Would love to hear you guys opinion on this. Release of The Patrimony Traditionnelle?



The patrimony Traditionnel will be available starting Sept as to Rolex
06/19/2007 - 01:15

with a Tuxedo I personnaly find it as much out of place as a classical dress watch in beach attire  (James Bond are you listening here?)

The Patrimony Traditionnelle would look good when dressed up but also in a more casual chich wear, even with jeans and polo.

Dressing down
06/19/2007 - 03:30

Hi llloyd,

I understand how you feel about flexibility in watches although I do enjoy switching watches as I do my attire.  I have not seen the traditionelle in the flesh but I can imagine that it should work just as well with more casual attire.  WG should should be easier in terms of color coordination although the black belt is a more formal color.  I wear my patek 5146 WG/grey dial with brown strap with just about anything.  Then again, I also wore my WG Toledo (with black strap) with dressy jeans and polo shirt.

As you mentioned, the traditionelle has a modern touch despite its classical theme.  The two-tone dial should also be a pleasant accent.  Compared with the Contemporaine - which is on the dressier-side, I think the traditionelle should have more latitude in that respect.  Do check one out before making any conclusions though (and when you do, don't forget to wear jeans and a polo shirt).

Just my two cents


...follow the path llloyd

Thx Guys...
06/19/2007 - 21:13

Thank you for your opinions guys,...great to hear the wisdom of real gents!

Alex: So its gonna be a long summer before i can see it in metal... . Will the Patrimony Traditionelle have a tang or deployant buckle? Please say deployant (otherwise I have to call James Bond and tell him that you dissed him ).

Kazumi: You seem to have a great taste - I can see that Toledo work with everything (awesome watch). You are right about the formality of the black strap. Hmm.. Maybe it would be a nice combo if you put a black strap with ligher stitches on the Patrimony. I guess the "path of VC" will tell me in time.



Tang my friend and tell your buddy JB that a Brioni tuxedo with
06/19/2007 - 21:15

a sports watch would get him whipped in certain parts of the world

I agree with Kazumi regarding brown strap on white metal it gives the watch a less formal look.

Okey...guess a "Traditionnelle" piece in a way should have a tang...
06/19/2007 - 21:49

...its in the DNA of it.  Have to call JB and cry out about it - he will understand me .


Re: Have to call JB and cry all about it.
06/20/2007 - 03:11

Better yet, why don't you call your AD instead, and order a deployant (if it is a must).  I am sure JB will be busy with things like saving the world, etc.

Yup and the new VC deployants are really cool! (nt)
06/20/2007 - 11:56


Black strap with lighter stitches...
06/20/2007 - 08:01

I wouldn't be too sure about a black strap with lighter stitches - although I guess it would depend on how "light" the stitches are.  Just like the tang buckle, more formal straps go with the patrimony line's DNA.  A strap with light stitches is usally associated with sportier watches (Breitling, Panerai, some JLCs, AP RO) and might look out of place with a dress watch.  My suggestion is to go for a dark brown strap (actually I also have a dark brown VC strap for my WG Toledo but I got used to the black strap before the brown strap arrived, I haven't bothered making the switch!).  Anyway, you would be surprised how big a change a brown strap makes (even without lighter stitches).

Here's my 5146 with original brown strap for reference.  I know its an entirely different animal (less dressy to begin with) and not a VC (sorry) but I wear it with a suit and with my Sunday clothes without a second thought.