Repairing vintage minute repeater question ....

Earlier i posted a question regarding metal alloy used for minute repeater gong, thank you to all who have participated answering..thank you.

I am wondering, when a vintage minuter repeater is brought into for repair, can watchmaker be able to completely repair the gong sound. does the manufacturer be able to keep a sound file archive, so not to deviate the original sound for each repeater base on its model after it has been overhauled or reparied due to damages...?

IF the gong is damaged, will manufacturer replace it with the same vintage alloy of that era , or putting a new gong with modern day material ??

How much changes you think the material "alloy"  manufacturer used say 50 years ago from what is currently being used ??

What does collector prefer in terms of sound quality, vintage pocket watch minute repeater or modern day wristwatch minute repeater ??

Can sound quality improve as time goes further ??

I just spoke to my watchmaker and this is what he says
02/22/2008 - 13:22

he doesn't work for VC but does a lot of restoration work.

He says that if the gongs are damaged or boken you can't fix them but need to make new ones. If your repeater needs servicing the movement is serviced but the gongs remain untouched.

A sound archive is not really necessary and I don't see how it could work but watchmakers who are allowed to work on repeaters have a fine ear and can tune the watch to its best.

As for the same alloy used in a watch made 50, 100 or 150 years ago I really don't think that a brand would actually come out a make a gong following the formulae of the past and if they do so you could probably buy a few minute repeater wrist watches for that price!

In terms of sound quality I much prefer pocket watches.