Reply to the question re the accent on the E of GENEVE on vintage dial

some time ago there was a question on whether Geneve on the the dials of vintage watches should be with or without the accent on the E (Genève or Genève)? click here to see the post

In fact both versions exist even though on the Swiss commercial registry of 1880 the brand trademark is specified with the accent. However this spelling was not followed with consistance and so certain dials had the accent and others not. One reason could be the size of the dial which for technical reasons the accent on the E could not be put.
Thanks for your clarification!
01/08/2010 - 23:29
Your assistance, as always, is much appreciated! Reloj
This begs the question...
01/09/2010 - 00:18
Were vintage Vacheron & Constantin dials made by outside suppliers like their cases?   I ask because I have pics of all types of V&C dials with the accent...enamel, champleve, guilloche, galvanized, etc.  I've also seen pics of each type without the accent.  Because so many of the latter group are refinished I assumed it was the case with all .  I do find it hard to comprehend that this inconsistency would occur in-house amongst a small group of people sitting next to each other, but not so hard to understand if they were supplied from outside sources. The thought that the difference is caused by variations between suppliers is somewhat supported by the variety of inner caseback finishes you see with vintage V&C pieces; perlage, polished and satin come to mind.
Re: This begs the question...
01/09/2010 - 02:57
Perhaps the reason for  the variation may be the size of the dial + size of the lettering which may have determined whether they put an accent on Geneve...maybe they didn't want to overcrowd the dial...just my guess. I do find it interesting that VC has also shown variation in whether they put the Maltese cross on their dials or not which seems to depend on how high up the dial they placed their name. The charm with VC is that they seemed to have many variations to suit many tastes. Reloj
Regarding accents on capital letters
01/10/2010 - 02:30
There was a comment in the previous post regarding the use of accents on capital letters in general; while it's true that it was common practice to omit them, I looked this up a while ago, and it's a requirement now from the Académie Française. I'm paraphrasing, but it said something to the effect that the practice was accepted before the use of computers, as it wasn't easy to include the accents with traditional typesetting. Computers have made it much easier now, and as accents are an integral and important part of the French language, they should be included whenever possible. I'm sure that this was a little bit of trivia that everyone wanted to know on Sunday