Santa & the RG OS Chrono....

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on my quest for either a RG or YG OS Chrono on a bracelet.

I had the chance yesterday to see them both side by side in NYC and the winner was the RG, for me really no contest.

I don’t know what more that can to be said for the RG OS….God it’s awesomeSanta & the RG OS Chrono..... You know I was always concerned about the flash factor and still am a littleSanta & the RG OS Chrono.....  Then, I saw one of my customers the other day that had an all YG Rolex on a bracelet with diamonds on the dial by the numbers and it really looked sharp on him (he’s a really good dresser and all around sharp guy). I'm thinking If he can pull that off I think I oughta be able to pull off the RG OS with no diamondsSanta & the RG OS Chrono....

You know the thing I liked the best was the different finishes on the watch. The Bezel was polished and most of the rest was brushed but not all. It looked like each link, at the top end, had a slight polish to it and the result was the watch had a faceted look, kind of like diamonds….just stunningSanta & the RG OS Chrono..... My wife loved it too and she has great taste in just about everything (including her husband!!!! least that's what I tell her!Santa & the RG OS Chrono....).

Maybe Santa will have a special surprise for me this year; I can always hope!

All the Best,


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3 days to go until the RG OS ends up under the Christmas tree, hey its
12/21/2008 - 17:39
a fantastic looking watch and if the Boss says you look good with it then you do
Thanks Alex......
12/21/2008 - 18:15
I'm thinking anyone would look good with that on their wrist.  It looked great on you at the Party in London too! All the best, Tom
Re: Santa & the RG OS Chrono....
12/21/2008 - 20:59
Hi Tom, I must admit I'm not a big fan of gold bracelets but red gold makes me have second thoughts. And that RG watch is an absolute stunner. I hope to see you wearing it (or at least a photo) in the new year. Best wishes, Joseph
Thanks Joseph........
12/21/2008 - 22:45
I feel the exact same way and I hope I'm wearing it soon. Best regards, Tom
RG is awesome! NEED PICS... nt
12/21/2008 - 21:03
The truth is,
12/22/2008 - 09:55
and that knows everyone, that a vitage watch with gold bracelet, is almost always cheaper to buy, than one with leather strap! It's very usual that a buyer of a watch with gold bracelet changes it after he bought it on an auction. Just ask Paul Boutros, who's beautiful watch is on the outside of this book, That watch look like this when it arrived to my dear friend Paul ! But to be absolute honest, I am sooner or later going to get a VC with gold brachelet I don't know, but it's something that's fascinates me, I also happen to know that Alex have a dream of an all gold VC. Which one, he have to tell himself So go on and buy the one that speaks most to you! Good luck Doc
Thanks Doc.....
12/22/2008 - 15:11

for the encouraging words and for the beautiful pictures; I might have kept that one on the bracelet!  Anyway, I've always been facinated with this too and when I saw this's becoming awfully hard to resist.

Also, could you give me some information on that book; I'd love to get it!

All the Best,


Since Paul is a dear friend he gave me this book
12/22/2008 - 17:03
with a dedication Another of Paul's watches is in the book, the watch in the corner. Very, very rare, Rolex Oyster Chrono KEW A Here is an article about that watch, And finally here's all you need to buy the book The author is Gene Stone, who by coincidene happened to meet Paul and saw the VC on his wrist, and immedeately asked if he could have on the cover of his new book Cheers Doc
Doc, how very generous of you.....
12/22/2008 - 19:28
and thank you so much.  I'm excited about seeing if I can find that book and in fact I'm off to the book store now.....better for my wallet than the watch store! Best, Tom
Go for it Tom!
12/22/2008 - 12:05
After having seen it the the Salon des Belles Montres in Paris, I had to revise my judgement of gold bracelet. This one is a real stunner and not bling at all. Something tells me we will soon see pictures of this beautiful piece on your very wrist
Thank you Tacha.....
12/22/2008 - 15:14
It didn't seem at all blingy to me either.....just gorgeous!  Best regards, Tom 
As Alex says, if the boss says it looks good on you...
12/22/2008 - 14:07
If your wife says it looks good on you, then I am sure it does...(my wife says I make all everything look terrible). I think the RG is really the way to go since it has a deeper, warmer shade to it than YG.   As you mentioned, the mix of polished and satin finishing on the gold bracelet OS itself is more classy than most of the flashy gold bracelet watches so it will be easier to pull it off than most others I think. Personally, I like it too, but my wallet and stature (and did I say my wallet?) are not enough to pull this one off. Good luck and best wishes. Kazumi
Kazumi, you made me smile.......
12/22/2008 - 15:26

I know your wife doesn't say that about you and if she did it's just what wives say; they learned it in the "Wife School" that they all seemed to graduate from!

You know, I don't know what it is but in the back of my mind I keep this too much?  Could I really wear this to work or to a client meeting....or even do I think it's over the top?  I think the answer is that it's cool and not too much but that thought seems to always be hanging there in the background (I think because I've never owned another all gold piece is going to be there). I was speaking (exchanging e-mails) with someone else that bought the dual time zone on a YG bracelet and he loved it and he said that his wife says it doesn't look blingy it looks like it belongs to a "man of substance".......I think I'll go with that one and hope I can live up to that!

Best Regards,


Is that the one you're getting, Tom?
12/22/2008 - 18:11
I believe it's a special US edition of only 100 pcs made & comes with a leather strap as well as a rubber strap. I have to tell you a rubber strap is the best thing that my US Overseas is equipped with. It just wears and feels so comfortable that once I had it put on the watch I never went back to the beautiful orange-stitched leather strap again...    
I'm not sure it is Radek....
12/22/2008 - 19:25

I think that one may be with a chocolate dial and the one I'm considering is with a black dial but I could be wrong.   I wasn't aware it was a limited edition.  I like the dark brown rubber strap as well and maybe I'd switch in the summer but I'm really buying it for the look on the bracelet. All the Best, Tom

You're right, the RG Overseas chrono is not a limited edition however
12/22/2008 - 19:42
the Rg Overseas Dual Time with chocolate dial is.
Yep, you're right Tom...
12/23/2008 - 00:19
If it's the RG bracelet you're after then the dial is anthracite but not sure you'll be able to put a rubber strap on it. On the contrary, I bought the US Overseas because it was the very first one with a leather and rubber strap. I just ain't a bracelet guy. But hey that's what makes this world colorful and interesting- we all have different tastes, likes and dislikes - isn't his just great? 
Re: Yep, you're right Tom...
12/23/2008 - 02:02
I think that's the really cool aspect of this comes on the bracelet but it can also be fitted with the dark brown rubber strap which I also think is very cool and will probably get for the summer or a croc!  Lots of options....sort of like getting 3 watches in one. Best regards, Tom
I'm with you, Tom. Give it a GO! nt
12/23/2008 - 10:49
Thanks Radek...
12/23/2008 - 13:27
I think I will! Best regards, Tom
I am not a big fan of the OS but I must admit that THIS ONE
12/23/2008 - 13:08
is an exception that I would love to go foward
Re: I am not a big fan of the OS but I must admit that THIS ONE
12/23/2008 - 13:32
Thanks!  I appreciate your "vote of confidence"! Tom
Re: Santa & the RG OS Chrono....
12/24/2008 - 04:07
I am growing inpatient waiting to see which version of the OSC you will find under the tree. Make sure we all see some photos, but not in your pajamas of course, lol. Happy Holidays and best wishes for your special watch coming from Santa. Matt
Thanks Matt; I'll keep the PJs out of it....
12/24/2008 - 06:00
I've never posted a picture before and I'm not exactly sure how to do that but I've gotten a few offers of help and I have a pretty good digital camera so I think/hope I'll be able to oblige relatively quickly. I'm dying to post those as well.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! best regards, Tom
Re: Santa & the RG OS Chrono....
12/24/2008 - 05:55
Hi Tom, Its simply an amazing watch in person.  I was impressed with how beautiful it is in rose gold, especially the bracelet.  I also liked the weight of the watch.  Its so solid!  Its one of my favorite relatively recent additions to VC's Overseas line.  I'm sure you will enjoy wearing it for many years to come.  I hope to see pictures soon! Best regards, Dino
Thanks Dino.....
12/24/2008 - 14:15
Your enthusiastic post many months ago about the bracelet (which I must've gone back and read 20 times) as well as everyone's words of encouragement and Alex's photos from last years SIHH  made it irresistable.  I know not everyone loved the idea of a bracelet in RG but on the other hand I didn't get many "don't do its". Best regards, Tom