Knocked at my door out on the coutryside,

30 minutes ago.

I, or more right,

the dogs heard a lorry coming!

Got a packkage,

another catalougue as I thought .........................

BUT this was it SCHOCKED!!!!

Never in my deepest dreams thought of something !

So, if I survive this dreadful sickneess I'll moved in to SCHOCKED!!!!......

First my old Filofax,

which I thought big, he , he,


Then my little Filofax which I use when travelling...


And then,

you will not belive it........................


A small comparisition


And just look at the gold finishhed sides.


I cdare even open it,

but I can move in when my wife throws me out SCHOCKED!!!!

because it's so big !


all silever you see in the background is older then 1755,

and Swedish ....................

Thanks, Alex , Dom. and all my friends I have in my second home SCHOCKED!!!!


It looks like pretty nice on the pics.
12/19/2007 - 15:04

So, you can write more comments and appointments on this VC agenda Doc...

Again congratulations, as you make this forum live, beside Alex of course, and some other large posters.

Cheers, Patrice

Hey, I want one of those and I wouldn't mind having a
12/19/2007 - 16:24

VC cap either?

Why don't I get any of the goodies?

Enjoy the organizer Doc and don't forget to mark down my birthday 

Thanks Alex!! Thanks VC!! I received mine...
12/20/2007 - 17:42

Thank you again to Alex and VC for this nice gift! A really nice agenda!

And more, Doc forgot to precise that inside, you have pages with VC history etc!

What is your birthday date Alex? I will note it on my new nice agenda!!

You really deserve it.
12/20/2007 - 12:04

I'm writting this post wearing my brand new VC cap that just arrived. I too feel very happy.

By the way who polishes all this silver?

Get well soon.


Thanks Doc for the pics!
12/20/2007 - 16:52

I can`t wait to get mine...