Scrap Metal

There has been a bit of media interest lately on the huge growth of scrap precious metals being pulled out of people's basements and cabinets due to the recession.  Apparently there are scrap dealer fairs in the USA where the family silver and gold jewellery are being disposed of for quick cash!!

How many vintage watches, I wonder, are being carelessly tossed into the furnaces?

On a side note, my local watchmaker showed me a ladies vintage bracelet watch with a caliber 1050 movement that needed parts.  The owner had already received an estimate from Richemont that she wasn't willing to pay.  I gave the watchmaker some tips on where to obtain vintage V&C parts but he had no luck and, on my last visit, he told me that he'd installed a QUARTZ movement in the piece Scrap Metal.

I have to admit that I felt angry with him for a moment Scrap Metal.  No matter how they are lost, any "destroyed" vintage Vacheron is a tragedy.
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03/02/2009 - 00:05
Re: Scrap Metal
03/02/2009 - 00:05
Hi Dean, Unfortunately this is an old story. Selling watches for scrap was common in the 1930's too. An awful lot of watches which would be wonderful vintage pieces were lost that way. But you know, you can't eat a watch and times were and are tough. Regards, Joseph