VC 1939.


amazing, the minute indexes are in fact 3 dimensional ink droplets! nt
11/06/2007 - 08:49


Yes Alex,
11/06/2007 - 13:33

it's the new camera and photoshop

You learn as long as you live


Re: Screensaver...........
11/06/2007 - 19:07

Thanks for posting these great pictures of such an amazing timepiece Doc. It has become one of my all time favorites! This one is definitely going on my computer wallpaper.

Best Regards,


Re: Screensaver...........
11/07/2007 - 00:06

Very good idea Doc!

And I find the pic well done.

Good choice for screensaver.

They don't make them like this anymore.
11/07/2007 - 04:10

Tell me, was there a better watchmaker in 1939?

Thanks Doc for this!! :-) (nt)
11/07/2007 - 13:25


Yep !
11/09/2007 - 14:11

They had time !


One watchmaker did the watch.

1937 VC made only 439 watches, still a capacity for 3000 !

The year after a joint venture with JLC...

This from 1937

And the schratch is gone by now