Season's Greeting friends

It seems that the end of the world is not for right away so I take the opportunity to wish all the Loungers: 

A Merry Christmas if you are celebrating it

Happy Holidays for those taking some time off

Seasons Greeting to those who are in the festive mood

A great week end to the rest cheeky

Season's Greeting friends
12/21/2012 - 15:40
12/21/2012 - 16:20
12/21/2012 - 16:52
12/21/2012 - 17:28
12/21/2012 - 17:59
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12/22/2012 - 18:50
12/23/2012 - 07:16
12/24/2012 - 12:47
great photo! Thank you Alex and wishing all my fellow Loungers a
12/21/2012 - 12:43
great holiday season
Re: Season's Greeting friends
12/21/2012 - 12:55
Warmest regards and best wishes to Alex and my fellow Loungers Enjoy the holiday season and wear your VCs in great health! JAMES
Fantastic Holiday Season to everyone!
12/21/2012 - 13:33
May the Santa shower you with tons of goodies if you were good this yearwink If you were bad and getting nothing to helll with this! Enjoy your free time, relax, drink up and wear your VCs proudlydevil PS. Great photo, Alexyes You getting melancholic this time of the year???
Happiest of Holidays to All Loungers
12/21/2012 - 13:45
Nice Ornament! May the dove of peace land in your home, if not on your wrist.
That is a nice wish for VC fans, Mike.
12/21/2012 - 16:18
We love you and your shared passion !
12/21/2012 - 13:58
Thank you so much, Alex !
Re: Season's Greeting friends
12/21/2012 - 14:06
Merry Xmas to all.....and a big thank you to Alex I am a relatively new member/VC owner. I would like to thank everyone for making this forum a great resource and a place of joy for all VC lovers. Warmest regards Hamish
Re: Season's Greeting friends
12/21/2012 - 15:40
All the best to you, Alex, and all my Lounger friends! Have a great Holiday Season, relaxation, fun, family and peace of mind. And to all a fantastic new Year! Warmest regards to all, Joseph
Re: Season's Greeting friends and a Happy 13th Baktun...
12/21/2012 - 16:07
Found this on the Internet: The Mayan calendar has long astonished scholars. John Malone, author of Unsolved Mysteries of Science, regards the ancient timekeeper as the "most accurate calendar devised by any ancient culture." Simon Martin, co-curator for the "Maya 2012: Lords of Time," an exhibit at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia that showcases the ancient and modern Mayan culture, said December will bring a changing period in much the same way that the year 2000 marked a new millennium. "What happens in December of this year is that it changes from the 12th baktun to the 13th baktun, and that's a cycle that has been running for 400 years," Martin said. "The current sequence of 13 baktuns has been running since 3114 BC or 5,125 years," he added. A baktun is 144,000 days. Makes for an awkward/unruly wall calendar. Happy Holiday to All, Ray
Best wishes
12/21/2012 - 16:20
Best wishes for a joyous season and a happy, healthy new year to all Loungers. Now, Alex, where can I order one of those ornaments? cheeky Warm regards, Robert
Re: Season's Greeting friends
12/21/2012 - 16:31
Compliments of the season to all  and thanks everyone for being so welcoming to a newbie.  I have learned a lot in the 2nd half of 2012 from your informative posts and  it was this knowledge that helped me proceed to purchased my beautiful Overseas and QDI.  Not a bad progression from an old Tissot LOL. Thanks especially to Alex for keeping all things VC front and centre with a consistent stream of informative content. regards Brent
Time to reflect...
12/21/2012 - 16:52
As another year comes to a close, a word of thanks to those Loungers that have helped to make this site so interesting, enlightening, fulfilling and often quite entertaining.  A special mention to those of you that have burnt numerous candles preparing some marvellous articles with the addition of beautiful photographs, personal thoughts and so on. Please be assured that your time, effort and commitment has been deeply appreciated. It is in that respect that I look forward to many further hours in The Lounge. A personal thank you to Alex for his tremendous contributions both in the Lounge and as an ambassador for VC during his global travels. To you all, including your families, I wish you every happiness throughout the festive season coupled with the hopeful prospect of a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year. With warmest best wishes Tony
Joining the Chorus
12/21/2012 - 17:28
to wish everyone here on The Lounge and those at VC a very happy holiday season heart.  That is a really cute picture Alex! Also to note that today is the winter solstice and its -29C outside with windchill surprise.  At least the daytime will be getting longer hence forth....
And a Christmas Card for All...
12/24/2012 - 03:44
wouldn't mind finding that under the tree tomorrow :-)
12/24/2012 - 09:41
Happy holidays, chief!
12/21/2012 - 17:59
Love that photo!
Best wishes to all Loungers this season.
12/21/2012 - 18:38
And may we all have a prosperous and healthy 2013. Bill
Happy holidays!
12/21/2012 - 19:16
Dear Alex, Great photo! Wishing you and all Loungers a healthy and prosperous new year. Warm regards, Paul
Thank god we crossed end of days ! :) so we can all enjoy our holidays
12/21/2012 - 19:26
And passion. I wish all a blessed and happy holidays.
Re: Season's Greeting friends
12/21/2012 - 23:40
Be 2013 a fabulous year for all fellows Loungers. Alex, thanks for all you did. Best regards. Patrice.
Best wishes and best watches for this Holiday Season.
12/22/2012 - 00:57
You could have a little smile Alex! happy holiday for all HLoungers(nt
12/22/2012 - 12:02
Merry Christmas Alex and VC colleagues
12/22/2012 - 16:35
Have a good one, thanks for a fantastic year at the Lounge! Best Gary
Season's greetings to all
12/22/2012 - 20:32
may this New Year be better and happier than all previous
Re: Merry Christmas Alex and VC colleagues
12/23/2012 - 03:23
Really well stated! I was having issues with my Christmas/Holiday greeting. This one says it best. I would like to add: "Healthy and Happy to all", Miki
Season's Greeting friends
12/22/2012 - 18:50
Happy Holidays Alex and all loungers. 2012 was enjoyable in this forum and also for all events organised by Alex and VC and shared with some of you. Dear loungers, wear your VC in good health and some "Champagne" ;-)) Alex, take some holidays, as SIHH 2013 will arrive soon with all special events and novelties. Warm regards, Liger
Happy holidays! nt
12/23/2012 - 07:16
Re: Season's Greeting friends
12/23/2012 - 08:55
Happy holidays and best wishes!
Merry Christmas and a blessed new year to all
12/23/2012 - 10:40
Wishing all good health, success and happiness this season (as you wear all your lovely watches!). Thank you all and especially Alex for making this forum so interesting and engaging. I love all the sharings, photos and articles here and I want to thank you all for your time contributing to them. Cheers everyone! Robin Wong
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
12/23/2012 - 21:23
All the Best to Loungers - - - Robert
A pair of chronographs
12/24/2012 - 12:47
<img src=; Season's greetings from an uncommon pair. Only the one on the right is mine though, but it is more than enough. Thanks again for all your help Alex. - SJX
Corrected picture
12/24/2012 - 12:48
Here's the picture.
glad you're enjoying your chrono Historique :-)
12/24/2012 - 18:32
Great catch!
12/24/2012 - 19:50
Both are lovely and nice to see them side-by-side.  Enjoy yoursalmon dial. Best, Robert
Welcome to the club!
12/25/2012 - 05:22
There are at least 4 Loungers with the Historique PT and salmon dial.cheeky Joseph
Congratulations SJX. Nice to see you tooo have a...
12/26/2012 - 10:18
VC, and a great one at that.  Look foorward to a separate post with further pics.
Great MDA Dove's Christmas Ornament!
12/24/2012 - 15:03
Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to all!
Seasons Greetings Alex, and to all the Loungers. Wish
12/26/2012 - 10:19
everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Years in advance !
Season's greetings to Alex, the Loungers, and our friends at VC!
12/26/2012 - 14:00
May all of you enjoy the best of the Season!!  Kazumi