Security of Overseas clasp lock

Dear Friends

I'm focused on manifesting a VC OS before my knighthood ceremony in February. I'm in water 3 times daily including a daily ocean swim and body surf. It's actually much safer to swim with my watch on than leave it in my car in the car park and maybe have it stolen. So the question is how secure is the present OS clasp? If it opens accidently even ocassionally, I'll either have to modify the bracelet(add a safety clasp if possible) or go for a different watch. I've only ever owned diving watches( Rolex Sea Dweller, Omega Sea Master, Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, Michel Jordi Diver and now my current Doxa Sea Hunter.)

Any OS owners who wear it during sporting activities and can help me out?

If you lived here wouldn't you swim daily? Security of Overseas clasp lock I swim across the harbour and back daily.

Warm(30 degrees) sunny greetings from Down Under. Gary

Security of Overseas clasp lock
Howdy, Gary mate!
12/06/2009 - 10:08

No worry about the safety clasp on the new Overseas. It'll do just fine for your sports activities. I have used mine for swiming and running and have never had any trouble. It imply is built so that accidental popping is next to impossible Hey Gary, no wonder you do the rounds on a daily routine. You are a blessed, lucky guy to be able to swim in this divine spot... Do a round for me! 

All the best Sir Gary! 

Re: Howdy, Gary mate!
12/06/2009 - 14:24
Thanks mate!  That reassures me. By the way, both of my grandparents on my mothers side were from Poland. My mother's maiden name is Marzec. I grew up believing that the Poles were the smartest and best looking people in the world! I'll do a round for you tomorrow! Cheers. Gary
Gary; beautiful...............
12/06/2009 - 14:58
looks just like the Jersey Shore!! I don't swim with mine but it's never gotten close to opening accidentally and I wear it many times a week.  it's a great watch to boot so go for it!!!  Especially after Radek's experience. Now the Poles I don't know about?????? I vote for the Greeks Best regards, Tom
Re: Gary; beautiful...............
12/07/2009 - 00:14
Thanks Tom, it reinforces what Radek said.  I did some survival training courses in the Pine Barrens in Jersey! My first child was born in Akharavi, Corfu!! Cheers. Gary
you know of course marzec stands for march...
12/06/2009 - 14:59
just on a happy note here, your grandma must have given you a very thorough education on the Poles
Re: you know of course marzec stands for march...
12/06/2009 - 22:22
Yes, and interestingly enough, my brother and I, plus 2 of my first cousins( both Marzecs) and my wife and daughter all have our birthdays in March! Cheers. Gary
So Marzec is a party month for guys there, down under ;-) nt
12/06/2009 - 22:30
Re: So Marzec is a party month for guys there, down under ;-) nt
12/07/2009 - 00:16
Actually, my brother and 2 cousins are in Buffalo, New York USA where I was born and raised!Gary