Seeking details on a 1962 watch

My father surprised me last week by giving me his Vacheron Constantin watch, which he purchased new in Switzerland many years ago. I have the original parchment certificate, but am unable to discern many details about the watch. While it is too valuable to me personally to sell, I would like to get some idea of its worth so I can properly insure it with the rest of my wife's jewelry, in case it does have some significant value.

Here is a photo, excuse the quality:

Seeking details on a 1962 watch

The certificate has the following information:

Ha 63 640
watch no. 379 795
gold 18 ca. mod. 6247
movement 558 448 17 jewels

and is dated Nov. 1962

The watch is in nice condition and keeps accurate time, the original leather case is also intact.

Any details would be appreciated, my dad's memory isn't the best these days :-)

Dear Friend...
12/21/2010 - 05:57
Magnificent workmanship on the case and bracelet!  A couple of reasons why you didn't get a response on the other forum is that you already have most of the available information with the original papers telling you the case and movement number, date of manufacture, reference number and number of jewels for the movement.  Also, we don't discuss values as a matter of forum etiquette to avoid sellers shilling their wares in the guise of posting.  Best to do some investigation with auction sites and the classifieds of other watch forums. You're not likely to find much on your specific reference 6247...I don't have it in my database either...but similar watches from that era will guide you.  17 jewels with no seconds hand likely means a calibre 1003 resides within, although the 1001 is also a possibility.  If you wish confirmation you will have to remove the case back and post pictures.
Re: Dear Friend...
12/21/2010 - 16:48
If I'm interpreting correctly, the 6247 is the model designation of the watch. Did V&C typically make one-off pieces and designate them with unique model numbers? I understand the not discussing value issue, I'm definitely not looking to sell, my father wants me to pass it on to my own son someday, but just to get a general feel to set an insurance value for it. Perhaps I can find an appraiser to help me. Thank you.
6247 is the reference number meaning all the watches which look like
12/21/2010 - 16:56
yours have the same reference number. As for price I wpuld suggest contacting an auction house (Antiquorum, Christie's or Sotheby's) who can check their database for similar watches sold and they can give you a quote. You can also see a reputable vintage watch dealer.