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Hello, I am a new guy on this forum and interested in buying my first vintage watch and I am especially interested in vintage VC watches. On the internet I found sites with information how to date vintage VC watches by their serial numbers which are stamped on the innerside of the back. Watches from around 1950 start with serial numbers of 500000 and from 1955 with numbers of 525000 and higher. Furthermore, from around 1950 should also the reference number next to the serial number been stamped on the back. There are however several vintage VC watches from 1950-1954 with serial numbers of around 365000 and also was there not a reference number on the back. One of these watches has a movement number of 527649. So, can you help me clarify this matter and give me some guidance in dating a VC watch in the right way and if the watch is completely original.


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there is actually no rule on the serial numbers as VC has never officially communicated on
10/13/2015 - 17:28


So the best way to date a watch is to provide the case and movement numbers here and we'll check with VC archives.

Not all the watches from the 50s have the ref numbers on the back

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Re: there is actually no rule on the serial numbers as VC has never officially communicated on
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Thank you for your respons. When I googled I found several sites wich has the same table of VC case serial nrs and the period of these serial numbers. That is why I became somewhat confused. There is one watch I am looking at which has the serialnr 364849 and a movementnr 527649 with the caliber 1019. I am also interested if in the fifties VC made watches of a certain model (reference?) with different dials and only about 25 watches with that specific dial. I would also like to know ofwhat metal/material the dials were made in that period and how it was coloured. I really appriciate the imput of the forum regarding my questions. I do know not much of vintage VC watches but I try to do my research and I am eager to learn more on this forum.


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Number trends
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Looking around, I was able to build my own list of confirmed numbers to give me a rough ballpark in age. But there are exceptions, movements that sat for a while, or watches that didn't sell immediately, for example.

If you search the archives, you'll find a few right around your number.

Serial/movement year sold.

350970/500014 1956

392126/567893 1967

398227/570561 1963

Alex, the kind gentleman, has proven a great resource in verifying numbers for the enthusiast.

There are a number of gorgeous VCs out there right now. Enjoy the hunt!

Re: serial numbers vintage VC watches
10/24/2015 - 01:16

This is a 44023 can anyone shed any light on it for me?