Service for VC cal. 1141 chronograph movement

Curious to know, based on this forum members’ experiences: is it VC policy/practice that caliber 1141 chronograph movements are (always) to be serviced in Switzerland?

I have a VC Chronograph Historiques with cal. 1141 movement. The watch is about 7 years old. It maintained a 52 hour power reserve and performed consistently day-to-day at the same rate. But, I thought it is time to get it serviced: lubrication, gaskets, etc.

VC in New York provided superb assistance: gave me detailed instructions on how to proceed and then kept me informed via e-mail on the stages (i.e., watch’s arrival at VC service facility in Texas (which is where VC service in US is located) , the start of the examination, etc.).

I just received via e-mail the latest update from VC-NY. It says that the watch was examined by a specialist at VC service facility in TX, the detailed assessment is in the mail, but the key message is that the watch needs to be sent to Switzerland for service. I will need to reply to the written assessment with my decision to proceed or not.

I naturally wonder if something serious was found inside my watch and that’s why it needs to be sent to Switzerland (unless, all such movements regardless of condition must be sent to Switzerland).

I will have to wait until the written assessment arrives, but in the meantime seek views and opinions on this forum on: (1) having cal. 1141 movement serviced (this movement has also been used in the Malte Chronograph.) (2) service in US, Switzerland…(3) any ideas why it should go to Switzerland, and (4) should I do it, given that the watch has not given me serious causes for concern?

My experience with VC-NY has been excellent and I would not hesitate to entrust them with overseeing the service of my watch in Switzerland, if that’s what I got to do.

Re: Service for VC cal. 1141 chronograph movement
12/17/2009 - 06:13
Hi AJ.  While you wait for others with cal.1141 experience, I can fill in a bit about sending my vintage watches to the local Service Center.  They always reply with a similar message and forward to the factory.  IMHO that is the best situation if required as there is nothing that cannot be done at the factory provided you don't mind the wait.  A recent estimate for a chronograph quoted 11 months.   Now, a word of caution regarding the eventual written estimate you may be short on details and thus a bit alarming.  You may also find that the local service center that forwards your estimate from the factory is not able to answer any questions that arise.  If that occurs you may post here, or PM myself, Alex or anyone else, and we can either clarify or give you some people to contact .
normally non vintage chronos are serviced in the in US but
12/17/2009 - 11:58
maybe your watch needed some kind of specific attention?