Servicing a vintage VC 1003

I've narrowed down the choice for my next watch to either a watch housing the legendary IWC cal 89 or the VC 1003.

IWC have a fantastic supply of parts and offer full restorations that won't break the bank including new dials etc.

Does anyone know if VC are able to restore the classic gents 33mm wristwatches housing a good condition 1003 at prices that won't make me cry?

I don't want to layout over $3k on a watch only to be quoted a further $4k or so on a service......

I know Patek servies ref 96 calatravas at an acceptable price point but some of their other early watches are priced to make you forget it....

I prefer the VC 1003 movement for it's beauty and incredible lack of thickness but don't want to make a huge mistake and end up with a massive bill.
as Dean states in his post above servicing costs depend largely on
01/28/2011 - 10:33
what needs to be done (just oil change, cleaning and regulation or replacement of parts).