Shock Resistance circa 1948

While browsing through a used book store recently (yes, they still exist) I came upon the Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repairs Vol. 1 and 2, published in 1948-49 (with supplements to 1959) by the Swiss Federation of Watch Manufacturers (today's Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry or FH).  It was a great price and now resides in my book shelf.  These manuals are very useful to the vintage collector and provide a snap shot of a complex period in Swiss watch history.  For example, Vol. 1 is devoted to the movements of Ebauches SA, a holding company founded in 1926 to create efficiencies through standardization and specialization of manufacture.  The twenty plus brands which joined included Venus, ETA, Unitas, Peseux and Valjoux.  It was eventually absorded through ETA into the Swatch Group.  Vol. 2 covers "most of the remaining brands of Swiss watches", including Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron et Constantin but absent Rolex and Patek Philippe.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share some very nice illustrations from the catalog of the three most common shock-resistance systems in use on Swiss movements, including V&C, as discussed in Dan's recent post here.  Interesting to note that each system originated in a different locale; Incabloc from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Parechoc from Le Sentier, and Shock-Resist from La Neuveville.  Just another example of how the Swiss decentralized this critical industry to distribute the economic benefits.  So without further discursiveness...

Vintage Shock Resistance

Vintage Shock Resistance

Vintage Shock Resistance

Thanks Dean for sharing this great bookstore find!
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I've saved these 3 pictures to use as references and learning tools!

Very cool for a vintage watch geek such as myself.  yes

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V&C calibers of 1949
07/17/2016 - 23:07

More tidbits from the Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts.

Below each dial-side image are life-size outlines of parts from the setting mechanism.  The watchsmith was able to correctly identify the caliber undergoing service by placing the part over the outline for an exact match.  Only cal. 439 was a pocketwatch movement.  A curiosity is that the cal. 492 chronograph is included but the 434 has been left out.  The last page was added in 1953 and introduces the Chronometre Royal wrist calibers.

 thV&C calibers circa 1949

V&C calibers circa 1949

V&C calibers circa 1949

BTW, if anyone has Vol. 2 and is missing the 1st suppliment of 1953, send me a pm as I have a spare.  It is intended to replace outdated pages and images of individual calibers from the original issue.

Is this the same book?
07/18/2016 - 04:21

I picked this book up a few years ago, but it is in the US so I don't get a chance to refer to it too much (these books are TOO heavy to travel with). 

Is this the same book?

That's it
07/18/2016 - 04:46

looks like you have combined Vols 1 and 2.  Check for that supplement!

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Thanks for the tip, Dean.

Found a copy on line.

many available as separate volumes, occasionally a combined one though.

Great reference!