SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

Since Alex, Felipe and the others have posted many great shots of the novelties, I would instead like to supplement them with some shots of the fair grounds and some other items which may be of interest.

Mr. and Mrs. LN, Mercator (I think), Veillotron, JB and Radek take a break in front of the VC pavillion

SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

Mr. Torres and friends...don't ask me who they are.

SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

Novelties of the gastronomic kind...

SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

Mr. Torres and Julien on the use of ceramics for watch cases...

Mr. Torres: For now, we will leave the use of ceramics with the dentists.

Julien: Hmm...yes, I see what you mean.

SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

Just kidding guys.  Mr. Torres did say that he felt that ceramics was not one of the materials considered for

watch cases at this time.  Amen to that!

Mr. Udaka from VC Japan took time out from his busy schedule to say hi.  SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)

One of the things that really sets VC apart is their friendly staff and Mr. Udaka was no exception.

I am sure we will have lots of things to talk about when we meet up during one of the local fairs at home.

**Tomorrow:  My tour of the Manufacture and Maison**


it keeps on coming!
04/14/2008 - 20:23

I like your ceramic joke... 

I didn't eat anything while I was at SIHH, but seeing your pictures I kinda wish I did...

Looking forward to the Manufacture pictures (those are always interesting!)

some of mine from the presentation
04/14/2008 - 20:25

Thanks Kazumi, one thing that impresses me most at SIHH is the quality of the food!

Here are some of the photos I took during the presentation of the 2008 novelties

Alberto and Felipe wondering what they would look like with a chunk of gold (Overseas chrono) on their wrists

L-R: Alberto, Adam, Felipe, JB

Marc Guten (International Director) and Charly Torres (CEO) dropped in to say Hi

Julien Marchenoir (International Marketing Communications Director) and JB whose trying to figure out how much each component will cost him

Christian Selmoni (Head of Product Developmet) with Radek and JohnLy

Looks like someone asked Marc Gutten for a discount!

Julien Marchenoir, Radek and JohnLy

Isabelle Hudovernik (Head of Internet and Training Department) explaining to Walid why she can't let him buy a QdI right there and then (he was actually on the phone with his AD during the presentation ordering one!!)

JohnLy: "JB you're living in a fantasy world if you think you'll get one before I do"!

cool pix and comments...
04/14/2008 - 20:28

the food was indeed very tasty at SIHH :-)

Familiar faces both on watches and the public :-) nt
04/14/2008 - 21:44


LOL on some of the captions, though there is a grain
04/14/2008 - 22:03

of truth also.

I did enjoy our lunch at SIHH, Kazumi...
04/14/2008 - 20:31

Didn't Mr. Torres really make some funny comment on the ceramics and other tantalanum stuff on watches at the presentation though?

Thanks Kazumi.......nt
04/14/2008 - 20:35


Thanks again! nt
04/14/2008 - 20:41


Thanks Kazumi
04/14/2008 - 21:01

How goes the souvenir?

The souvenir is okay and right where it should be.
04/15/2008 - 02:42

I'll have more on the VC souvenirs in a while.

Re: SIHH 2008, Part II (Scenes from the fair)
04/14/2008 - 21:05

Thank you to everyone for your stories, pictures and impressions of this years SIHH. I really wish I could have been there! Maybe next year?

I must say that the OS on strap is a killer! However the new Malte Chronograph don't really appeal to me.

The QdI.... Enough said . It would be really cool with a HL QdI!

I hope I can get back soon to regular posting, right now I can only browse the HL via my phone which I can't login with.

Best wishes,


Oh and by the way...
04/14/2008 - 21:09

It seems that our dear moderator wrote the title of his SIHH post in a rush and forgot a 'T' somewhere.

um not at all, the brand just changed names ;-) thanx for the heads up
04/15/2008 - 00:34

Kazumi, I am getting hungry just looking at your pictures
04/14/2008 - 22:02

Keep them coming, liking the memories.

Mr L

Nice 2nd part, Kazumi
04/15/2008 - 00:10

I like the comments and the way you make SIHH discover

LOL. I recognize some of those mugs having lunch in the first photo
04/15/2008 - 05:35

Already miss you guys