SIHH 2009 and other Movements info

My question is about certain movements, for example the ones found in the new Patrimony Chrono and Patrimony QP Chrono, both launched now in SIHH 2009.

I know these movements are not "in-house", yet they are considered great and legendary movements.  Can someone shed some light as to the following:

a) Where exactly do these movements come from?
b) What is VC's role in making these movements?
c) Are these movements as good as an "in-house" movement?
Re: SIHH 2009 and other Movements info
02/20/2009 - 14:01
Hi, I am not an expert so please take my comments with a grain of salt (and you might wanna wait for the more knowledgeable members of the forum to reply). Anyway, 1) The particular movements you mentioned use a Lemania chronograph ebauche that is supplied by the movement maker Nouvelle Lemania of the Swatch Group (Lemania may have a new name now but it is still under the Swatch group).  I am not sure but they are probably delivered as kits. 2) VC applies its own finishing to the parts, assembles the kits, and also adds modules (I believe VC adds its own perpetual calendar module to the Lemania chrono ebauche), as well as testing, etc. 3) I am not familiar with the technical specs of this particular ebauche, but IMHO it is one of the loveliest looking pieces around.  However, for them to be so well sought after, they must also be technically sound.  Having been in the market for a long time, they also have a proven track record and it is possible that, as a result, more watchmakers/repairers are familiar with them. Whether they are better than an in-house model is a question that depends on the movements they are compared with.  A good outsourced movement is always better than a lousy in-house movement, right? (Its just a matter of where it came from).  On the other hand, if VC has its own proven chrono caliber, then there will be the advantage (for VC) that it can better control quality and availability. Just my two yens worth. Cheers! Kazumi  
inhouse vs outsourced and the VC chrono caliber
02/20/2009 - 15:41
KK here is a fantastic thread where the inhouse vs outsourced movements is debated: click here to see the post Regarding your questions: The VC caliber 1141 is based on the Lemania cal 2310. Lemania which is infact now Breguet's movement maker has licenced the caliber to VC who now makes the parts inhouse and of course does the finish and assembly. Until recently only PP, VC and Breguet used this movement ( I think Roger Dubuis at one point had some chronos with this caliber). However I believe that PP will soon stop using this caliber. I don't really think that inhouse means better and this chrono caliber is considered as being one of the best manual wind ones on the market, if it wasn't you woulding have prestegious brands like PP, VC and Breguet using it!
Thank you both....
02/23/2009 - 10:31
...for your insight into External vs. Inhouse movements.