SIHH 2009 novelty: Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle


Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle

A eulogy to transparency

Only the combination of several traditional Haute Horlogerie crafts could give life to such works of art. Using transparency and light to transform a watch movement into an aerial ballet of pierced bridges and gear-trains is an art that Vacheron Constantin mastered long ago, an art requiring complementary skills: that of the master watchmaker to master the mechanical demands, and that of the master engraver to reveal the quintessence of the movement.

The Vacheron Constantin Manufacture has made full use of these skills in the new skeleton models being added to the Patrimony Traditionnelle line in 2009. These come in two sizes - 38 mm and 30 mm – and with two different movements offered in diamond-set or plain versions.

The aesthetic features of the Patrimony Traditionnelle line are safeguarded thanks to the engraver’s meticulous piercing and decorating work on the precious extra-flat mechanical movement. Adding light to transparency, the sapphire dial – with painted minute-track and 18K white gold hourmarkers and dauphine hands – reveals the fascinating mechanical motion of the movement and its imperturbable heartbeat.

The 38-mm 18K white gold cases house the automatic 1120 SQ calibre, which is stamped with the highly esteemed Hallmark of Geneva.

This remarkable calibre was made in 1967 and is only 2.45 mm thick, an exceptional feat for an automatic movement. The jewellery version scintillates with 82 round diamonds on its bezel.

The 30-mm versions, on the other hand, house the manual-winding 1003 SQ calibre, which is also stamped with the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. Only 1.64 mm thick, it was introduced in 1955. The jewellery version features 64 round diamonds on its bezel.

SIHH 2009 novelty: Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle

SIHH 2009 novelty: Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle
I love VC's skeletonized watches, but I wish they would
01/18/2009 - 17:24
would not put diamonds on the bezel.  Still, what a masterpiece! Thanks for the priview. Best regards, Dino
Hi Dino, I believe that there will also be a version...
01/19/2009 - 02:05
without the diamond bezel.  Everything else should be the same. Wishes do come true... Cheers, Duncan
Thanks for the info Duncan.
01/19/2009 - 18:25
I like the look of a skeleton, just not the bling of diamonds. Best regards, Dino
You are most welcome and you are not alone...
01/20/2009 - 00:46
with your preferences. Cheers, Duncan
Re: SIHH 2009 novelty: Skeleton Patrimony Traditionnelle
01/19/2009 - 05:10

I see that the 2008 Japan market LE I posted while back has again become a sneak preview of a new offering. Aside from the case color (Japan LE gets RG) , absence of diamonds, and the strap used, they look to be exactly the same though.... Kazumi

Impressive work and no one does it as good as VC,
01/20/2009 - 21:25
but I would never long for it. It's a piece of art, not a watch Doc
Ditto Doc....
01/21/2009 - 00:34
I have always admired the artistry of skeletonized timepieces and as you said, nobody does it better than VC.  However, I find that actually trying to tell the time on these watches can be challenging.   Definitely gorgeous works of art.  Cheers, Duncan