SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

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Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time
Simultaneous reading of all world time zones 

SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

A longstanding part of the Vacheron Constantin watchmaking heritage, the World Time complication is making a noteworthy comeback to the collections from the Manufacture. The Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time model houses the new Calibre 2460WT bearing the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva. Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, this new mechanical self-winding movement is distinguished by its capacity to indicate the world’s 37 time zones, including those offset from Universal Coordinated Time (UCT) by a half - or quarter-hour – an exclusive mechanism patented by Vacheron Constantin.

The new Patrimony Traditonnelle World Time by Vacheron Constantin marks the return to the collection of a complication inextricably bound to the history of the Geneva-based manufacturer. The latter is also interwoven with the theme of travel, since Jean-Marc Vacheron and his successors have constantly circled the globe delivering their exceptional timepieces. A pioneer in the development and production of innovative watches, the Manufacture Vacheron Constantin has displayed the same approach in being resolutely open to the world at large. Created in 1755 in Geneva and able to look back over more than 255 years of uninterrupted activity, Vacheron Constantin soon began exploring the four corners of the earth. It established a presence in the United States in 1832 and in China in 1845 – well before the International Meridian Conference held in Washington in 1884 which divided the world into 24 time zones, taking the Greenwich meridian as the longitude 0 point of reference. This new approach became indispensable in keeping step with the development of international travel and of railways. 

SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

The rich history of World Time at Vacheron Constantin
In keeping with the same pioneering spirit, and driven by a wish to demonstrate that the multiple time-zone watch could be further perfected, Vacheron Constantin introduced its first timepieces endowed with an international time mechanism in 1932. This movement was the work of a brilliant Geneva watchmaker, Louis Cottier, who had imagined and developed a mechanical movement indicating the 24 time zones from 1 to 24 by means of a disc rotating around the central dial and the outer bezel bearing the names of the world’s major cities. This first Vacheron Constantin World Time “Cottier system” watch (reference 3372) enabled simultaneous read-off of the time in 31 cities around the world. It marked the start of a rich and longstanding relationship between Vacheron Constantin and the World Time complication. In 1936, Vacheron Constantin presented two new versions of its World Time model with a 31-city dial (reference 3650) and a 30-city dial (reference 3638) without Cairo. In 1937 and 1938, the Geneva-based Manufacture unveiled six table clocks with a mobile dial featuring 67 locations, including summer and winter time in Paris. From the 1940s onwards, Vacheron Constantin attributed the reference number 4414 to a world time model with a 41-city dial and a day/night division of the mobile 24-hour disc. During the 1940s and 1950s, many famous customers were captivated by this useful and ingenious mechanism, and contributed to spreading the fame of this new complication.

In 1957, Vacheron Constantin wrote a new chapter in its history of World Time watches by introducing the first World Time wristwatch, reference 6213, ordered by an Egyptian dignitary. It was the first of a long line of models incorporating this remarkable complication and that earned it an outstanding reputation among connoisseurs and collectors.

A patented new World Time calibre Eager to make a major new contribution to the history of this complication, the Vacheron Constantin master-watchmakers and engineers have sought to create a mechanical movement capable of indicating not only the full time zones, but also the partial ones, so as to reflect the exact temporal reality in the 37 time zones. A number of countries have indeed adopted a half-hour or quarter-hour difference from UTC, and the Calibre 2460WT by Vacheron Constantin takes account of these specific characteristics. By way of example, it provides the correct time indication for Caracas, since Venezuela decided in 2007 to switch from a full time zone to a half time zone (GMT – 4:30).

The indication of the 37 time zones as proposed by Vacheron Constantin in its Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time is as complete as one could wish for. The display consists of three dials: a sapphire dial with a unique day/night shading; a metal dial with a “Lambert projector” type map; and a metal chapter ring. Beating at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and endowed with a 40-hour power reserve, mechanical self-winding Calibre 2460WT drives displays of the hours, minutes, central seconds and World Time. It enables simultaneous read-off of the time in all regions of the world, along with the day/night indication provided by the central world map. All indications are adjusted via the crown, thus considerably simplifying the use of this highly technical watch. In light of these exclusive developments, a patent has been filed for the new Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2460WT bearing the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva.

Appreciable user friendliness
Despite its complex construction principles, the new mechanical World Time movement is extremely user-friendly. The wearer chooses the reference time and places it opposite the black triangle at 6 o’clock. The time in the reference location can then be read off either by the hour hand, or by the 24-hour disc, while the time in the other 36 time zones is simultaneously readable. The cities shown in black represent the full time zones, while the cities in red indicate half-hour or quarter-hour zones.

Incorporating all the signature characteristics of the collection – a slender bezel, a knurled motif on the case-back, a screw-down sapphire crystal case-back, and dauphine hands – the new Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time comes with a 42.5 mm diameter 18K pink gold case that is water-resistant to 30 metres. It is fitted with a brown alligator leather strap secured by an 18K pink gold folding clasp.

Due to the modern nature of this useful complication, along with the major innovations provided by its Calibre 2460WT, the Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time is destined to become an iconic model within the collection, and to perpetuate Vacheron Constantin’s pioneering role in the development of multiple time-zone watches. 

Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time


Reference 86060/000R-9640
Patrimony Traditionnelle Worldtime

Calibre 2460 WT, developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Stamped with the Hallmark of Geneva

Energy Mechanical, self-winding

Movement diameter 36.60 mm (11’’’ ¼)

Movement thickness 8.10 mm

Jewels 27

Frequency 4Hz (28’800 Vibrations/hour)

Indications Hours, minutes and center seconds
World time indication with day/night zone (37 time zones)

Power reserve Approximately 40 hours

Case 18K 5N Pink gold
42.50 mm in diameter
Open-worked back with transparent sapphire crystal

Water-Resistance 3 bar (about 30 meters)

Dial The display is made of 3 dials:
- 1 dial in sapphire with day / night indication in the center, 24-hour indications inked & engraved
- 1 dial in metal with “Lambert Projection” type map and transfered cities names
- 1 externalring in metal with transferred minute-track and gold applied hour-markers

Strap Brown hand-stitched, saddle-finish, large square scaled Mississippiensis alligator leather

Clasp 18K 5N pink gold triple blade folding clasp
Polished half Maltese Cross
Re: SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time
01/17/2011 - 13:43

Based on the pictures, description, and the video, I am a bit speechless. I think VC has developed what can argubly be termed as the Most Complete World Time watch in recent years, or perhaps of all time.  I live in a country that falls in a half-time zone, and can therefore understand the complexity of what VC has acheived.  I was never attracted to the WT models made by PP, GP, even ALS for example because they never took into account half-time zones. I think this is a superb achievement. On another note, the video for the watch captures the romance of travel in a way that that actually travelling today does not.

Another hit from VC.
01/17/2011 - 16:39

Is it only in RG, Alex? No WG?

But do you think the time is bit hard to read? Especially when one has to find the name of the city/similar one where one lives in. But the central hour/min hands work the usual way, yes?

like in all worldtimers finding your city can take a few
01/18/2011 - 12:29
minutes of getting used to but it is very legible. the time telling is done the regular way and unfortunately no WG yet
01/17/2011 - 23:02
The dial seems to be amazing, the patrimony case is always a beautiful one. I regret the size which forbid me this watch and the thickness which seems significant. Too big for me and my taste. But overall, it is difficult to make a new worldtime, this one is nicely done.
A world timer which leaves other world timers in the dark!
01/18/2011 - 00:01

Great to see VC being so bold - the colours, 37 time zones, single crown adjustment. It would have been very easy for VC to go safe but this is anything but. And to get all this into a 42.5 mm case, 8mm movement is truly impressive.  One other thing - odd to see a VC watch without the Maltese cross 

Simply Stunning!!!
01/18/2011 - 02:25
Congrats to the VC team, this watch is a beauty... I cannot wait to see it in the metal! Since VC didn't have a WT before, and I didn't like the look of the PP one, I never really focused on how it works - I love the fact that one can read the "local" time in two different ways at the same time...  I also find it a really good idea to have the half shaded part of the world to show night/day time... Another one to add to the list! Cheers,  Francois
Classic, elegantworld time watch, that will rest for a long time!
01/18/2011 - 02:43
Was it date ever discussed, I mean it could have ben done in an old fashioned style, not just a little window. Perhaps a retrograde? Anyway that is something I personally miss, plus as always, for me it's to big diameter... I think thickness of 8 mm is very good for a complicated mechanism, will fit well under a shirt with buttons. It's definitely a beautiful classic Vacheron Constantin watch, with strong personal identity, that will be a good selling watch. Nice teasing presentation Alex! I liked it from start I already congratulate the first wearer of this mile stone in the 'Old Firm' ! Doc
That looks lovely...
01/18/2011 - 03:17
A very good looking watch indeed!
Re: SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time
01/18/2011 - 07:01

Very nice indeed!

What's the msrp?

Thanks Alex

welcome back! the price is around euro 30k but may vary depending on
01/18/2011 - 12:32
taxes and custom duties
The perfect globe-trotter watch, original, ingenious & elegant
01/18/2011 - 09:25
Smart mechanism and refined design for this beautiful self-winding and easy to use timepiece. Congratulations on the designers. A collector's must !
where are my countries of residence? singapore or hong kong ? perhaps.
01/18/2011 - 11:16
a limited edition for my country would do the trick !
Re: SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time
01/18/2011 - 14:08
Thanks Alex Got tired of lurking What is the thickness? Looks quite hefty A skeletonize rotor with the maltese cross would do the trick for me
its 11.5mm thick, here's a lousy photo taken with my phone to
01/18/2011 - 15:38
give you an idea
Thank you Alex for a first-class product launch......
01/18/2011 - 19:56
The build-up you provided was great and truly deserved knowing full well what you had 'up your sleeve'. This classic World Timer is stunning in every respect. Congratulations to all concerned at headquarters! With such a lovely booth and much to boast about it's going to be a few wonderful days at SIHH. Very well done. Tony
I love this one!
01/19/2011 - 18:02
This one's easily my favorite of VC's new offerings. I really like that top down view of the world, so that one can actually see the world spinning. And the day/night indicator on it is a great touch. I don't do much traveling now, but that should change in the near future. I would love to get one someday! Though whatever I get, I think I would have to request my home city in place of the default city in that time zone, and in some contrasting color. Perhaps a dark blue to match the darkest blue of the day/night indicator when it's night over the ocean. Or maybe having my home city subtly bolder will do. It would kill resale value, but as great as world travel is, there is no place like home!
Re: SIHH 2011 novelty: Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time
10/16/2012 - 01:02
Hi Guys Im thinking to get a present for my husband. What do you think about this watch? And can you be also so kind to tell me the european price? Thank you in advance ;) Laura
Hi and welcome laura, if you do a repid search you'll see some
10/16/2012 - 12:17
comments from owners and I think the general consensus is that it is a great watch yes You may want to post your questions and comments on 1st page so you get more viewership