SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2

Sneak peek 2 will make things a bit easier 

For presentation of the contest and prizes please click the link hereunder:

For presentation of sneak peek 1 please click hereunder: 

Don't forget: you need to guess the function of the watch AND the metier d'art (artwork) used. To help you out a bit you need to choose between the following metiers d'art :enameling, engine turning, engraving, skeletonising

Good luck every one!

SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2

Re: SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2
04/05/2007 - 12:22

Sorry for my isolated post bellow.

So, my guess is a QP with tourbillon, and the metier d'art is engraving.

Re: SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2
04/05/2007 - 15:08


It's basicly this watch in Patrimony shape,

and I want it,

not the radio :-)



Re: SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2
04/05/2007 - 15:22

Sorry, Alex, I just noticed the link to Sneek Peek 1

By the way there is another wheel in that first photo making a total of at least 3 calendar wheels.

Fascinating watch!



Re: SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2
04/05/2007 - 15:29

Hi Alex,

Somehow my first response didn't get posted.

This looks like at least a complete calendar like the Jubilee 250 or more likely a perpetual calendar. It is clearly the front of the watch and not the back and is skeletonized.

The text around the periphery is either a poem or a quote painted or stenciled in gold on the inside of the crystal.

Fascinating design! Can't wait for the next Sneek Peek!



Re: SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2
04/05/2007 - 22:24

More thinking out loud...

The text on the crystal (what there is of it) made me think of "The Odyssey" and also of the Bizet opera Les Pecheurs des Perles (The Pearl Fishers) both of which have a nautical backdrop. Then I thought perhaps its a translation of a quote by John Harrison and that this watch is a perpetual calendar and highly accurate marine chronometer. One might even be able to calculate logitude :-)

The use of the word "vous" instead of "toi"  suggested that the quote was not romantic or intended for one person.

The date disk is interesting. It is likely coated or enamelled with enamelled numbers. So thus far there may be more than one metier d'art. It wouldn't surprise me in the least that all four are present!

But the above is all speculation (and fun) and likely incorrect.


Anka's answer moved to the right location
04/06/2007 - 00:14

Well, Alex, you said this is making things easier, but easy is somewhat relative! From this new pic, I must revise a bit my first position, and I would suggest: - date, with minute repeater and automaton - engraving with open dial But I must say that reading such words on a watch is particularly unique, as far as I know, and that gets it more difficult to guess. Regards

Re: SIHH Contest: Sneak peek 2
04/06/2007 - 01:15

Hi Guys,

My guess is its a retro grade perpetual calendar minute repeater.  The metier d'art is engraving.

Best wishes,