SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Well, I finally got around to doing this, after getting back home a day late owing to Air Canada cancelling their flight (Paris-Toronto) and having a sh-t load of work when I did get home.

But it was quite an adventure and here are some photos to prove it!

Above is La Boutique. I had a chance on the Sunday I arrived to stroll around Geneva and wouldn't you know it... I was drawn like a magnet (unfortunately not "magnate"; although there appeared to be plenty of those at the show!!) to Vacheron's boutique. I can't imagine why?

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

A closer look at the windows with some very exotic pieces, see next photo. In French the expression for "window-shopping" is lecher les vitrines or literally "window-licking" and it was never more appropriate than here.

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

OK, you can put your tongues back in your mouths! Pretty cool, eh? I had to put my sunglasses on for this one.

The next few shots are of the dinner at the Boutique, courtesy of those wonderful people at Vacheron. And here again I must thank the people at VC, especially, Dominique, Julien and Isabelle as well as Alex for this real "fete"

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Here we see the back of Alex's head, and on his wrist is the US Overseas Chronograph.

Kazumi is at the farr end taken one of the photos that appeared in his essay. Julien Marchenoir is seated next to Lin's lovely wife (And now I feel like a real idiot because I can't remember if her name is Marie-France or Marie-Claire. Vraiment Desole!

you get to kick my butt in June for that!)

Radek is seated opposite.

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Alex and Jerome in a thoughtful discussion, while perusing the VC displays.

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Part of Whalid, Philippe, Isabelle who were seated on the opposite side of the table.

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Jerome, Whalid and Philippe. Believe me, there was no shortage of conversation!

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

The new Quai de L'Ile

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Here at the presentation is Mr. Torres, Julien on the right and another gentleman from VC whose name I never found out.

But get a load of those hands on Mr. Torres and Julien. They look aglow with creative energy.

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Chrisitian Selmoni joins the discussion and Kazumi is zeroing in on those glowing hands. I think he's just about to leap!

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Chrisitan Selmoni, Radek and JohnLy in an animated discussion regarding the new releases

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Alex, Francois, Jerome, a yawning Kazumi, (after getting his new Contemporaine, everything else is booorring), Whalid and Julien with his glowing hands, passing around the new watches.

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Alan, Kazumi, Francois, Lin listen with rapt attention at the presentation, while Jerome, having taken a cue from Kazumi nods off

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Mr. Torres discusses  the new watches. I had wanted to photoshop this picture and put a miniature Philippe and Thierry Stern in the middle of Mr. Torres' palm, then offer a prize for the best caption. But unfortunately, I didn't have the time.

I left Geneva and took the TGV to Paris, but couldn't resist taking a picture of this anti-AIDS poster at the railway station. I don't think we'll see anything like this in North America

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

The caption says: "Even when the evening turns out great, a condom is essential". Wow! for a land-locked country, those Swiss sure know about water-sports!!

The last photo was taken in the "Arts et Metiers" Museum in Paris and I show this Breguet watch from the mid-19th century to display the dial. Now doesn't that dial especially the bottom part just remind you of some other more recent dial??

SIHH trip...or at least part of it!

Re: SIHH trip...or at least part of it!
04/22/2008 - 06:29

I just wanted to add how wonderful it was meeting all the other Loungers who were there as well as the very kind and considerate Vacheron staff.

I had a great time in Geneva and it really means a lot now in posting a comment or responding to one to have met such a great bunch of guys (et femmes aussi!).

And I have to specifically single out Alex for his Herculean efforts in this event and also both Alex and Lin for their kindess in Paris.

I look forward to next opportunity to see everyone!

Best Wishes,


LOL! Thanks for the report, Joseph!
04/22/2008 - 07:53

Although we were basically at the same places and events at the same time, it is fun seeing everything again from someone else's eyes (or shutter).  Great shots too (I like your first shot of the VC Maison beside the watch tower).

In my defense, I have to claim that the yawning during the presentation was basically the effects of jet lag and a 24-hour trip catching up on me.  I must admit though that since I got my Contemporaine just that morning, I did feel like "coming to the buffet with a full stomach."  It was still a treat (double dessert) to see the novelties and hear from Mr. Torres and the VC team...glowing hands and all.  I think Jerome's nap was for real though.

I also have to apologize for not being able to recall the second-half of Lin's wife's name.  Remembering one name is hard enough for a guy with the brains (sophistication and appetite) of a T-Rex.

As to the "stop-aids" poster, I think its just a reminder for everyone to wear a "rubber" suit before taking a dive.



Joseph, you took real shots of intensive activity...
04/22/2008 - 10:07

Thank you for sharing these particular moments. I hope to see some of you at the next SIHH, or during some meeting.


I'm already waiting in anticipation for SIHH 09 to see everyone again!
04/22/2008 - 12:04

Merci for the write up.

It is Marie-France nt)
04/22/2008 - 12:18


Thanks for the report Joseph,
04/22/2008 - 12:26

I hope to see you on June

looks like you guys had so much fun! Thanks for sharing
04/22/2008 - 13:19


I'm good....
04/22/2008 - 23:29

i can sleep while i'm standing....

Great to meet you.


Thanks Joseph ;-) Brings back memories never to be...
04/23/2008 - 00:35


Great shots, nice write-up.

Thank you bunches!

Thanks Joseph for such a personal approach !
04/23/2008 - 02:47

Even if I physically not was able to participate on this trip,

together with you, I thought many times of you.

All this places are so familiar to me,

only the watches are new, luckily not all!

The Museum, I can return to, time after time, and just

Once again, thanks Joseph for a nice report,

all of you seems to have had a real good time!

I'm as happy as you are,

belive me



You better be there next year Doc :-) (nt)
04/23/2008 - 12:27


Alex, I'm convinced you already booked me in :-)
04/23/2008 - 13:33


Yup and there is no way you can get out of it this time!! :-) (nt)
04/23/2008 - 13:37


Re: SIHH trip...or at least part of it!
04/23/2008 - 04:53

Many thanks for all the kind words, everyone!

It was great fun indeed!!

The best part was meeting everyone and talking about watches.

Hopefully we'll have a repeat soon with new faces as well.

One suggestion which is probably impossible to fulfill, is to arrange for all the Loungers to stay at the same hotel.

Best Wishes,


Thanks Joseph, had a great time and your pictures
04/23/2008 - 14:55

brought back some of those memories. Look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


Re: SIHH trip...or at least part of it!
04/23/2008 - 15:30

Hope that in 2009 I would be with you guys!

Thanks for sharing these moments JB!

Thanks Joseph!
04/24/2008 - 00:45

A great report, as Kazumi said it is nice to relive the event through different perspectives...

I like you anti-aids poster... but there was another one I prefered even more (the guy and the girl gettin' busy while exploring a cave)

Looking forward to the next time!