Simply the best !

That's Tina Tuner's words,

for perhaps Alex,

or me ....

But that's my words,

for Vacheron & Constantin !

My tribute to the finest watchmakers ever.

Thanks for this tribute,

Hour Lounge,

to us aficionados !

Of course you know that Ernest Hemingway,

introduced this word,

as a description covering more than just bullfighting.

My sincerely thanks to,

Vacheron Constantin

and of course Alex :-)


I sincerely hope that the members of Our Lounge (pun intended) present
04/13/2007 - 00:37

and future will feel comfortable comming here and appreciate the atmosphere. More than that I hope and will do my best to make this forum THE reference for all things VC and a true place of exchange and camaraderie...and most important we should enjoy ourselves and have fun.

The Hour Lounge will be in constant developpement and evolution...there are many great projects comming up :-)