Soldered Lugs

I would like to know if the lugs on the Malte round case are soldered, or if they are 'integral' to the case.
I have searched the Lounge and the internet, but I couldn't find much.
I did find however that the lugs on all the 250 Anniversary models were soldered, because each lug required much manual work which would have been hard to do if the lugs had been part of the case to start with.

So now I wonder:
1) Are the Malte round case lugs soldered or not?
2) Soldered vs. 'integral' - what is actually better? does one equate better finishing, and the other stronger, more durable design?
3) What is VC's take on this?


the lugs are soldered. Generally
10/26/2009 - 11:47

round cases with fancy lugs such as the Malte need to be soldered as they are hand finished and machining such lugs in a one piece case would not have the same quality finish/look.

Thanks Alex for the info (nt)
10/26/2009 - 23:22