New to this site and am impresses. great stuff.
During a visit to the USA last month I was offered a Chronometre Royal. ref 6694 in White gold. Condition was ok though not mint but dial perfect.. Was tempted to purchase but price was in 7K range , now am a bit sorry .how about some comments: Thanks

Hi and welcome; I like referring to the 6694 as Batman's watch! A very
10/03/2008 - 01:40
cool watch still today more than 40 years after its launch. When you say 7k range I gather you are speaking in dollars. It really depends on the condition of the watch and for vintage watches 2 things matter: condition and provenance. If the provenance was reputable and condition well preserved $7k is a good price! To have a better idea of what this reference goes for have a look a Christie's or Sotheby's web sites for past auction results for this ref. 
its a great watch!
10/03/2008 - 12:32
Ohhh, another 6694....
10/06/2008 - 05:06

This model has a loyal following here.  White gold is a bit more unusual than yellow gold and platium is rarest of all.  The American-market version has the words Royal Chronometer on the dial while ROW models have plain dial, yet both have Chronometre Royal engraved on the back. Movement may be the 29 jewel automatic caliber 1071, 1072, or 1072/1 (Gyromax), all being the "Q" date version with hack seconds.  There is a wonderful variation of case and dial finishes, and at least two variations on the lugs, indicating the custom approach to watchmaking that V&C undertook. Auction prices for the model have placed a premium on condition "2" pieces with documentation and recent service.  IMHO if you invest in a factory refurbishment and obtain a Certificate of Authenticity you will have a very desirable watch. I have another, very unusual 6694 on the way and will share pics when it arrives.