Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

For years I wore a Royal Oak chrono as my week end /sporty watch. I was happy with it, liked the look and it was comfortable. However, came a time where it seemed as everyone and there neighbor started wearing one and thinking that I’m so smart I sold mine and decided on getting another sports watch.

In almost 4 years I bought and sold a Graham, BRM, Richard Mille, Tag, Bell & Ross and a Wyler chrono without having anyone of them have the same appeal as the RO.

Having an IQ on the lower end of the spectrum I didn’t want to go back to the RO, didn’t want a Rolex and I had spent so much time dissing the Overseas that I couldn’t loose face getting one (even though the watch was definitely growing on me, especially the dual time model).

However end of 2006 while I was at the VC Geneva Maison I bumped into Christian Selmoni (head of product development) who had a rather intriguing watch sticking from under his shirt cuff. After some gentle persuasion he showed me a really cool looking Overseas chrono on strap with orange markers: “It’s a prototype, I made it to test the reactions of the people at the office but I don’t know if it will see the light of day” he said while I was opening my mouth to say I wanted one.

Anyway to make a long story short the same Overseas chrono was launched end of 2007 as a limited edition of 100 pieces made specially for the US market (how come its always Americans who get the cool stuff? Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)).

I managed rapidly to locate one and received it in April. Its been getting quite a lot of wrist time and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Thought you might enjoy my musings on this watch.

Dislike: Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

The 3 sub counters which are of different sizes. And this REALLY bothers me. The minutes counter is rather large, this is a habitual design in pilot’s chronographs who need to have an exact knowledge of the elapsed minutes. Fine, then if you want to get inspiration from pilots’ watches then you need to have a flyback function too…and upon second thought you don’t call the watch Overseas but Overairs or something like that…

Likes: Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

The case: the mix of polished and brushed surfaces are just awesome. I love the bevelling of the case flanks. Very cool

The dial: the grainy black dial with the orange numerals give this version a more youthful and fierce appearance.

The strap: In general I’m not a great fan of bracelets so the strap is one of the elements which won me over (surprising as the OS bracelet is probably one of the coolest out there). I love the stitching which recalls the color of the numerals, an extra rubber strap was also delivered with the watch.

The big date: It’s not the big date per se that I like but the fact that the date is indicated via 2 numerals even for single digit dates: ie: 01, 02 etc…, the dial has more equilibrium.

No unnecessary writing: Automatic and Antimagnetic have been taken off the dial which I think is a very wise move.

Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)

Thanks for the report Alex!
07/15/2008 - 13:46

I think you finally found a keeper for the weekend

It is a beautiful piece, and I have been thinking about it since I saw yours at the SIHH dinner.

While your pictures are beautiful, the dial has the be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated...

I think VC got it right by inserting a little bit of color on the dial, and repeating it on the stiching on the strap (as much as I like the rubber strap, I think this watch looks better with the leather one). IMO it lightens up the watch and gives it an even sportier look...While I doubt VC will take this approach for the regular production models, I hope they will release a few more "colorful" versions from time to time...

And unlike you, I really like the sub-dials on the watch!



That's a very cool watch and agree on the size of the subdials. Had I
07/15/2008 - 17:18

not seen the new RG model I would have said the US edition is my favorite OS!

Dislike: I would like to add :
07/15/2008 - 17:19

- The date at 12 : it will be nicer without

I am starting to like these LE Overseas chronos...
07/15/2008 - 19:14

The Japan LE Overseas chrono is gorgeous as well, particularly w/ the blue lettering (Ref.49150/B01A-9320)...I like the bracelet better, very VC! OMG, I am in trouble!

these two Japan editions were absolutely
07/15/2008 - 19:29


That's the one!
07/15/2008 - 19:33

Actually I saw them while I was in Tokyo (Odakyu dept. store in Shinjuku)...too bad I was not prepared with any budget for a new VC  

Alex/Kazumi, would you give me a loan?

Ask Kazumi for the loan, I need my cash to buy Prozac considering the
07/15/2008 - 21:07

mediocre (to say the least) state of the markets

The three of us should just try to get a volume discount....
07/16/2008 - 02:37

The three of us should just try to get a volume discount - on Prozac..

It's all we can afford right now...

Hi Alex, Rei,

Thanks for the report Alex.  I am glad you finally found an Overseas for yourself (I thought I would never see the day).

Personally, I tend to agree with Rei though.  I like the Japan LE OS because it has the same color-accented dial motiff without the excess printing, and if I am not mistaken, the size of the dials are more symmetrical on this one.  Also, I love the new OS bracelet design and would have appreciated a bracelet and rubber strap offering instead (ala Panerai).  As much as I like the way they executed the leather strap on the US version, a bracelet and strap option would fit my personal needs better (the hot and humid Osaka Summers playing a big part).



LOL! You guys are too funny!
07/16/2008 - 05:40

This is why I love HL, I can only laugh here in this forum...

Cheers to you all!

Makes me yearn for a similar time-only Overseas!
07/15/2008 - 19:22

Your pictures are great Alex.  I like the versatility of having a rubber strap for "heavy-duty" situations and the even better leather strap for dress occasions.

Now, if only we can get some of this sporty flavor in the OS chronometer!

Alex, u are not making it easy for me.....
07/15/2008 - 20:00

my annual watch itch just flared, and with the financial market in doldrums, i am lookiing to buy a watch to distress. i have just included this in the list amongst rolex daytona, RM05 , JLC amvox 2, rolex sea dweller. just eliminated the JLC and the RM and added your watch after your reminder with your pics.   tough choices....

glad to be the evil watch jones
07/15/2008 - 21:08

Re: Some thoughts on the Overseas chronograph (US limited edition)
07/15/2008 - 21:00

Wow Alex, that is so awesome. Thanks for your detailed review. You are so fortunate to have this LE in your collection. I really like the watch with the rubber strap and hope it will become available for the Overseas Chrono model. As I spend a great deal of time swimming and skiing this would be a great alternative for me. Best regards, Matt

US Overseas - best sports watch you can have...
07/17/2008 - 15:56

I also am a happy owner of this truly wonderful sports watch. Mine is no. 23 :-)))

Both straps are awesome, with the rubber strap giving the watch more sports edge...

I am pretty happy with the subdials - at least both 30-minute totalizer and hours subdial are of the same size (which is not true for regular production) with the seconds subdial a little smaller - I think it plays out very well on the dial as far as the proportions go.

I also find it very cool that the unnecessary inscriptions "automatic/antimagnetic" are gone.

All in all, I liked the regular OS a lot but as Alex pointed out I was not very fond of a bracelet in general. Once the US Overseas saw the light of day I knew I wanted it right away. So this one is my dream-come-true sports watch!!!   

Agree with Alex and Radek...
07/17/2008 - 17:18

Alex - thanks for the great summary.  I also have had this watch for about 7 months now.  I have no. 6.  When I was lookig for a sports watch i compared BRM, ROO, etc.  Once i tried on this VC, i was hooked.  Nothing else came close to feeling and looking as good as this watch.  Prticularly the leather strap, the red/orange accents, the large date, and of course the removal of the unnecesary writing on the dial.  Overall, a great watch.  I have worn in most everyday since i bought it.  Thanks for the report and pics.

Nice watch Alex!
07/20/2008 - 23:36

I like the colour: is it red or orange? I must see it on your wrist, my friend...

I also like the Japan LE model, but in blue: what is the output for Japan?


Orange numerals, I don't have my documents with me but I think
07/25/2008 - 00:44

that the Japanese editions were made in 150 pieces, but if you use the search engine you'll find the original post.

Thank you for your "benchmark" Alex!...
07/24/2008 - 00:13

... the only point I don't like on the overseas is the Big Date :S