Some very nice vintage V&Cs in the next Christie's auction in Geneva

especially chronographs, pocket watches and a rare (?) V&C Navy chronometer:
Found it Berny!
04/13/2011 - 19:47
Hard to find amongst all the PP's... Lot 382, a gimballed Marine Chronometer with spring dent escapement.  Rare piece, certainly more so than the usual deck chronometers. For me, the star of the show is lot 152, a single button chronograph made in 1926 and presented by Marshal Tito to one of his generals in 1944, with suitable inscription. Honorable mentions must go to a 1955 Ref 6087 Corne de Vache chronograph, 1930 Ref 2990 Monopusher (both of which have appeared at auctions before IIRC...real "investment" pieces), and a 1st Prize Observatory Chronometer from 1917. Speaking of observatory pieces, there is an interesting lot of two Longines chronometers still mounted in their wooden competition holders.  Crott is offering a 1923 V&C 1st Prize Observatory Chronometer in silver case at their upcoming auction, for anyone interested in that branch of horology .
Re: Found it Berny!
04/13/2011 - 22:30
Quite an extraordinary collection there! Lot 71 is an automaton watch showing Moses striking the rock in the desert to obtain water. There's one like it in the PP museum in Geneva. Their DVD shows the mechanism and how it works (animated). Its a real marvel! For that price it better be! JB
Pocket watches
04/14/2011 - 02:42
Dean, There is one pocket watch that is a Breguet jump hour, YG. A really lovely design and I believe one of Cart's as well. The design was also used by Gübelin. The estimate is low.  The reason I believe is that the face looks awful around the edges, to start with. It looks like the same watch that either Christie's or Sotheby's sold last year. I checked into it because I had been interested. If its the same one, it's in pretty rough shape and will cost big bucks to restore. So if you were considering it, I would be cautious and at least get a detailed condition report. Good luck, Joseph
Thanks for the heads-up Joseph :-) (nt)
04/14/2011 - 17:33
Thanks for the link Berny. There are some
04/14/2011 - 00:06
amazing offerings in this auction. I did get a kick out of lot 368, that must have been the inspiration for R2D2 in Star Wars! Hope everyone has a good look and I think Dean may be eyeing a few of those pocket watches, the best values by far IMHO. You've got to listen to Doc on that topic--right on the mark. Best to all, Tim