Sotheby's Pulls a Fast One...

While browsing the Sotheby's catalog for their upcoming sale (especially lot 113 Sotheby's Pulls a Fast One...) I noticed a change of format regarding the measurement of non-round cases.  They are now providing the size length-wise, including lugs, and completely neglecting to provide the standard width less crown dimension.  

The effect of their new measuring system is to greatly exaggerate the size of the piece.  This is most misleading for vintage rectangular watches that often feature rather narrow cases with enlarged lugs.  I find it rather frustrating in trying to visualize the piece on my wrist...which is as close as I will likely come to most Sotheby's Pulls a Fast One....
Other Auction Companies....
11/13/2009 - 22:25
IMHO, the best for giving watch dimensions in the descriptions are Antiquorum and Patrizzi, which both provide width x length + thickness.  Christies omits thickness, while Sotheby's provides only the one measure; either width less crown for round and square watches, or length plus lugs for rectangular.   BTW, I was in error to suggest with my title that this was something new with Sotheby's as they've been doing it for years...I just discovered it for the first time .
It's not news, but it's definitely easy to be fooled.
11/15/2009 - 01:28
They aren't the only house to do that, and the houses definitely do not make clear what they are measuring. In this age of buying based on Internet information, I have been severely disappointed on the only occasion I made the mistake, and it was really an aggravated situation in which the rectangular watch's lugs were very thin and should not have been considered part of the body of the watch. The auction house was not markedly sympathetic: after I made a fuss, they finally offered that if I didn't want the watch they would waive the seller's commission in selling it for me.
Sorry to hear...
11/15/2009 - 18:39
about your difficulty but hope it all worked out .
terrible service and not something you would expect from a major
11/15/2009 - 18:45
auction house
I still standby this !!
11/17/2009 - 19:49
What's more intersting is that Sotheby's for the firts (!) time I think, has put all V&C's together not spread them around the catalogue Otherwise it always been only PP and Rolex who has been in following Lot's! Even more astonishing is, when you compare the prices of equivalent(?), you know what I mean, but I'm in a rush, the V&C's are higher priced (!) than the PP's! Never seen before. The only negative with this beautiful catalogue, in my opinion is that Sotheby's for the first time have photoshopped pics, which I never seen before.... Believe me, hold on to your pieces and you will be rich, either you sell them in a year or two, or if you keep them Vive la Vacheron&Constantin Doc
Right on Doc! (nt)
11/18/2009 - 00:41