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I am new here and hoping someone can help.  I inherited my father's rose gold cal. 453 that he bought shortly after graduating from the Naval Academy in 1937.  He wore it well into the 70s, but somewhere along the line it ended up with a missing bottom balance jewel, some damage to the lower plate where someone tried to tighten the jewel hole and a missing seconds hand.  I can take care of the balance jewel, but I am having a hard time finding even a matching rose gold colored sub seconds hand, let alone a real rose gold one.  Has anyone had any luck getting replacement hands?  I assume if I sent the watch to V&C they could fit a new one, but I really don't want to mail this anywhere, as it has great sentimental value.

Has anyone had any experience with this, or suggestions?

Many thanks. 
considering the sentimental value of the watch I would not
05/03/2010 - 22:40
even touch it myself (even if you are a watchmaker) and send it to VC for a complete overhaul and replacement of the damaged/missing parts. This would need to be done in Geneva but VC's after sales dept, which is located in Dallas, will take care of that so no need to worry about shipping. How about a scan of your watch? 
Are you sure it didn't have a blued steel seconds hand originally?
05/04/2010 - 07:27
Blued steel subdial seconds hands were pretty common back then, especially with rose gold.
Terrific idea, especially "Navy Blue" hands. [nt]
05/04/2010 - 17:17
there are quite a few examples of RG hands for the
05/04/2010 - 17:24
seconds subdials, having the hands of the same color was quite common
Re: there are quite a few examples of RG hands for the
05/04/2010 - 20:45
Almost forgot that Mickey's also has Rose Gold Small Seconds.  Miki
Re: Re: there are quite a few examples of RG hands for the
05/06/2010 - 21:58
Thanks for the replies.  I am pretty sure the original was RG, but a nicely blued steel will look better than a cheap yellow replacement, and I guess from the post that it would be in keeping with original styles sometimes used.  I agree with Alex that a factory reconditioning would maximize the intrinsic value of the watch, but for personal sentimental reasons, I will keep it in the family.  The minimally needed repairs are nothing I haven't done many times before, and I promise I won't make it worse or alter it in any way.   When I figure out how to do pictures and post them I will do some.  It is a triple ribbed case (two ribs on the bezel, with the back forming the third rib, with very plain lugs.  The dial is a dark gilt color, with pretty minimal applied RG markers.  Movement is 16J, no markings relating to adjustments, no calibre marking, just Vacheron & Constatin  and Geneve (and serial number 440798).