Speaking of books...

My latest aquisition is not a watch but a book that show watches in art through the ages in the West and East.

Its called simply, "Watches in Art" (Latin text).

Its full of illustrations from a considerable number of artists displaying timekeeping devices some quite intricate.

And since art is usually a reflection of society it tends to be a comment on society, and time.

The text is in French but the plates have captions in English, French and German.

It was published for the 200 anniversary of VC although I think it was first published in the 1930's.


Speaking of books...

Speaking of books...

Speaking of books...

Women watchmakers, detail, G.H. Dessoulavy. (Fresco in the railway station at La Chaux-de-Fonds)

Never heard of this book but looks really interesting. Any more
04/28/2008 - 01:30


Sometimes finding these rare books is as much fun or more than the actual watch.

I remember I spent years looking for a Solomons Breguet (1st ed in English)....

Re: Never heard of this book but looks really interesting. Any more
04/28/2008 - 01:35

Bonjour Alex,

Yes I can provide more scans. I didn't have much time today, La saison de golf est arrivee!

but I will try to put some together this week.

I know what you mean about the search for books. It can be quite a challenge and then sometimes, you just "trip" over one!

Best Regards,


Wow, that's beautiful !!!
04/28/2008 - 10:14

First congrats, never seen and it loks just fantastic

Could we see some more



I remember you speaking about this book at SIHH...
04/28/2008 - 13:36

Thanks for sharing with us, it looks like a really interesting book!

Once you've done your "pit-stop" at the 19th hole, please post more pics!

For VC lovers, this is the kind of book which is worth to have.
04/28/2008 - 15:32

Please Joseph, more pics.

And if one day you are in France and have some time, we could play golf around Paris: I am sure Alex could organize it.

And I could help him (of course...)